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How many of you are truly happy?

If the answer is yes, fuck you.

-CMC, who’s in a bad mood.

Do you need a hug??

Sorry even your colorful language won’t take away my happy mood.

Two more personal bests in the gym yesterday!!

Who hit you in the ass with a sour apple? Did someone piss in your wheaties?? Anything we can do to cheer you up??

Yes, I am always HAPPY. Just, saying that to piss you off CMC. Honestly though I am happy most of the times. Very rarely do I get pissed off or angry.

In Health,

Silas C.

Ignorance is bliss.


Fuck me then!

Um, that was as in the whole “fuck you” thingie…

What’s up? Do you need a group hug?

Yes, I am truly happy because I CHOOSE TO BE!!

Sure, my knee is giving me fits, and I have no answers as to what’s really going on with it, I still work a 7-3:30 job (though I’m close to giving it the heave-ho), and my daughter can frustrate the crap out of me sometimes, but…


And as to the offer, I’ll just say, “No thanks.”

Blissfully happy I am.


Can I have the names of your therapists? They’re doing a wonderful job.

Sure => Dr. Jesus, Dr. Peale, Dr. Schuler, Dr. Mandino, Dr. Chapman.

Does that help?

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Ha! brider: it’s more like Dr. Iron and Dr. Beer.


I’m always feeling pretty happy. Why the hell not? It’s easy to find reasons to be pissed off about, but it’s just as easy to ignore those reasons and be happy anyway.

There’s no better way to strike back at someone who’s trying to piss you off than being overly friendly to them (no not in THAT way).

And let’s not forget Dr. Puke Bucket

Life is what you make it if you wanna be unhappy it will be, and if you wanna be happy and work at it, It will be.its all in the mind!

E~ good work today!!

Cheer up CMC… life is too damn short… wink

I tend to thing life is what you make of it. If you aren’t happy then maybe it is your fault(not directed at you). I know I’m usually happy. Every once in a while I get a little aggrivated but it doesn’t usually last long.

I’m pretty damm happy all the time. Sorry to have to tell you that.

E., I’m going to send you a new keyboard over. Well, it’s not really new. It has crumbs all over it and something that looks like old tuna.

I usually teeter between happiness and “I’m going to beat the crap out of you” happiness/anger. Yeah happy-anger, it’s a new emotional concept. When you live in a world were 90%+ of your species is a bunch of hairless chimps you have to learn to be happy and angry at the same time… or at least happy and irratated. No, seriously why you so un-happy? What can T-Nation do to help you?

I hope this isn’t a double post, but I don’t think the last one went through.

I’m in a reflective and melancholy mood. When I was in the hospital, there was a code blue during my first night’s stay. I won’t lie. I was scared. Could this happen to me, I wondered? Later on, a nurse whispered to my mother that the patient died. He was only an infant. That jarred me. I still think about that baby and that incident today, a month later. It’s embedded in my mind. It makes me consider my mortality. I think about all the “stuff” I want to do. Opportunities that I wasted. Dumb things I’ve done. Other people I was close to that passed away. I’m usually upbeat, but I’m having a tough time clearing my head of this baggage. I’ll come around eventually.

Well, that was morbid. I hope you all don’t run out to your local watering holes after reading this and do shots.