Haole Wants Hops Log!

Hey guys, want to jump higher. Not for basketball or football, but simply for the sake of improving my athletic ability. I’m planning a trip to Thailand for Muay Thai as well, so I’d like my body to be functioning as efficiently as possible for it. This would likely be within the next 5 months or so.

Starting stats:

Height: 6’1.75’’ ( :frowning: )

Weight: 190lbs

BF: 8-9%

I’m doing strength training two days a week, and plyos two days a week. I found I do everything poorly if I try to lump both into one session, so I’ll be working out four days a week instead of two big ones. I prefer it this way, as I like to stay as active as possible, otherwise I get bored.

There are four phases, but I’ll just post the first phase for now, which will last 3 weeks (Yes, this is basically one of several of Kelly Bagget’s sample routines with power cleans and some other stuff thrown in):

Strength Work:

Workout A:

Front squats: 3x10

Power cleans: 5x2

Glute ham raises: 4x8

Calf raises: 3x20

Medicine ball throws: 3x10

Workout B:

Barbell lunges: 3x8

Deadlifts: 3x8

Romanian deadlifts: 3x8

Calf raises: 3x20

Plyos (Same workout twice a week)

Star jumps: 3x10

Power skipping: 3x30 yards

Side to side box jump: 3x8

Slalom jump: 3x50

Low squat ankle jump: 3x30

Jump rope: 3 min x 5

I’d love to hear any feedback you guys might have on this, as I know this board boasts some very, very good verts. Pretty envious right now.

Welp, thanks!