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Check out Jordan Feigenbaum as well, he may have some articles on back pain and squatting. He is a Physician and a very strong powerlifter. I think his website is barbell medicine.


@MarkKO, @The_Myth, @countrygirl2016 it is needles to say that Mr. Wendler's program is one of the best programs for building both strength and mass. I do good progress and for sure I gain strength and mass, however, I'm not satisfied with how my shoulders look. I'm not looking here for strength (although I do good job in pressing), but the general look. My shoulders look small and narrow and with wide lower body I look very bad, so what I can do to bring them up? should I think about GVT for 2 cycles? or add more isolations for pressing day, or even incorporate another day for shoulders (not pressing exercise)?

I really appreciate your advices and opinions friends.


I seem to remember reading somewhere that a lot of shoulder size visually comes from your rear delts and upper back. So, upper back and rear delts: flyes in various directions, shrugs, pull aparts, maybe dumbbell pressing.

Also generally getting bigger, of course, so eating more combined with the above.

I have noticed, though, I think my shoulders have grown over the last month or two and all I've done is bench, military press, dips and push ups for pressing; and pull aparts, fat man pull ups, chest supported rows and lat pulldowns for back.


I do 75 push ups per day, and in addition to pressing , I do Klokove's press, front and side lateral raises, front plate raises, bent over db raises, band pull apart as assistance to pressing day. As I understood from you, I should increase the volume not the weight?


@MarkKO is absolutely correct!! Seated Dumbbell presses, Arnold press, lateral raises, bent over reverse fly, shrugs. I work on my shoulders twice a week Monday's and Thursday's. MarkKO and Myth help me out a lot too with awesome advice.


@countrygirl2016 this is great advice, I will start adding another isolations after my bench workout to work shoulders two times; press day and bench day.

What is your volume and weight percentage used for shoulders? should I aim for high volume with lower weights; say 50% 1RM or less volume with higher intensity? As I remember if I want to train for hypertrophy I should train between 70% to 80% 1RM with high volume. Is it correct with shoulders?


Um, that's a lot of shoulder work. Maybe reducing the variety and maintaining overall volume so you hit fewer movements more frequently?

Honestly mate, I'm not in the best position to advise on this too much because getting bigger isn't something I know too much about. My gut feeling is that you might do better focusing your efforts and volume on slightly heavier movements like bench, military and dips with rows and shrugs and adding a couple of little extras like a raise and flye between sets someone. I'm not doing a great job of explaining this.

Simply: same volume, fewer, larger movements. Careful use of isolation work.

I do think eating is going to be key though. Getting bigger means eating more, usually carbs and protein.


I do supersets when I work on my shoulders. I'm not completely sure what you mean by volume however I make sure like other exercises I hit my full sets with the weight I have and increase when I'm comfortable. I do this because when I had a personal trainer he had me do this and I saw improvements! I'm sure there is better advice but this worked for me.


@countrygirl2016 training volume is sets x reps. Training intensity is how much weight you use based on your 1RM. For example if I do press for 4 sets each is 8 reps hence the volume is 32. Training is split into to major groups based on volume and intensity; High Volume Low Intensity (HVLI), and Low Volume High Intensity (LVHI)

4 sets of 8 reps @ 50% 1RM is HVLI
5 sets of 3 reps @ 80% 1RM is LVHI

The general rule is you decease the volume as you increase the intensity. This is for basic and main lifts like press, deadlift and squat. There is a direct relation between volume/intensity and training purpose (strength, endurance, mass building, hypertrophy) The only exception of the rule is GVT which is based on 10x10 (high volume) performed at hypertrophy, but GVT is not recommended for multiple cycles, and not for everyone or for every muscle group. As per Mr. Wendler and CT, GVT is used for specific periods and situations. You can read more about GVT by searching for Charles Poliquin's writings about GVT and hypertrophy.

Hope this clears the issue :slight_smile:


WOW @hanymamdouh I can learn a lot from you :wink: thank you very much for explaining!!


Sunday 28 August 2016
12 Week BBB Challenge
Cycle 4, Week 2, Day 2

My weakest lift day; the press. I had to do BBB 5 x 1 @ TM but failed to even lift the TM. I will reset my TM after finish the challenge as I see that 5lb increase per cycle was too much for shoulders. Also I will pay more attention to supplemental work to bring shoulders up.

Main Lift: Overhead Press
1 x 3 @ 55 kg (6 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 62.5 kg (8 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 70 kg (9 RPE) new PR!!

BBB: 5 x 1 @ TM (77.5 kg) I did the following and had to reduce the weight in order to complete the singles

1 x 1 @ 77.5 (failed)
1 x 1 @ 75.5 (partial rep)
1 x 1 @ 72.5
1 x 1 @ 72.5
1 x 1 @ 72.5


Snatch Grip High Pull
1 x 3 @ 50 kg
1 x 3 @ 57.5 kg
1 x 3 @ 65 kg

Pull up: 3 x 5 @ body weight

45 degree one hand press using BB at the corner:
1 x 10 @ 30 kg
1 x 10 @ 35 kg
1 x 10 @ 40 kg

Band pull apart: 100 reps between assistance


72.5 kg is not a weak OHP!!

Room for improvement? Sure.

Weak? No way!


This. Don't you remember when I told you a bodyweight press is very decent @hanymamdouh?

For press, dips, pull aparts and bench press. Also incline bench if you can. My press went up before 531 with no pressing, just lots of bench, pull aparts and incline pressing.


It is great to know that bodyweight press is decent :slight_smile: Although I feel it is my weakest lift, but I will follow your advice and stop worrying about it.

Dips always hurts my shoulder so I dropped it totally from my workout since 1 year. I will focus more on benching and incline benching. Pull aparts are staple in my workouts for upper body as per your advice and it works very well. Only I need to get new higher resistance band as my current started to wear.

I'm going to start 1 cycle of basic 531 after finishing current challenge with body weight assistance only (no iron will be used) to give myself refreshment, then a full cycle of GVT for upper body to enhance it. My body responds well for high volume for short periods and I'm willing to try GVT which I've never done before. That was my plan for the coming 2 cycles.


Have you considered FSL instead? I seem to remember in Beyond Jim seems almost hesitant to recommend it. I know I have found multiple FSL sets suits me almost perfectly except for deadlifts.

This is what has worked for me for the last two cycles:

Pull aparts between sets (warm up or work, probably doesn't matter)

FSL 5x5-8

Supersetted bench press/lat pull-down (or any other lat work) 3x10-12


I ran FSL for 3 cycles before 12 and 6 Weeks BBB challenges. Exactly same as you did but for all lifts. Jim advised me to superset pull up also with FSL deadlift sets. The result of supersets over 3 cycles was horrible and I was mentally down to ground.

I loved the concept of FSL and planning to run it after GVT for 6 cycles, but without supersets. I need to build a solid foundation for it first hence I opt for GVT. Also, I tested the result of very high volume at 50 1RM to moderate volume at >70% 1RM (such as FSL) and found that my body responds quickly in terms of strength and mass but for only short periods (1 cycle).


I that case, have at it.

I don't superset my main lifts now - I do all that during warm up sets one to three and it is much less taxing. I started doing that this cycle. It worked OK the other way, but I'm glad I changed to what I'm currently toy doing.


Tuesday 30 August 2016
12 Weeks BBB Challenge
Cycle 4, Week 2, Day 3

Workout went good today. I used @MarkKO advice regarding to nutrition and packed slice of bran bread, 2 hard boiled eggs, 40 grams of fat free cheddar cheese and enjoyed quick lunch in the office, 3 hours before my training. I started my workout directly after duty hours and energy was good, and felt light and active as my stomach wasn't very full

Main Lift: Deadlift
1 x 3 @ 110 kg (5 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 125 kg (7 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 145 kg (< 9 RPE) PR set!!!!

BBB: 5 x 1 @ TM (155 kg)
did only 3 x 1 and had to stop so not to stress my back too much (I'm still healing)

Assistance: Supersets

Front Squat: 2 x 10 @ 45 kg (ATG) with 2 sec pause at bottom

Good morning : 2 x 10 @ 45 kg

Abs: Hanging leg raise 5 x 10, reverse crunch, leg raise, crunch


Wednesday 31-August-2016
12 Weeks BBB Challenge
Cycle 4, Week 2, Day 4

One of my best workouts ever. I've broke stagnation in bench press and finished the prescribed workout easily.

Main Lift: Bench Press
1 x 3 @ 75 kg (6 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 85 kg (7 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 97.5 kg (8 RPE) PR, full range of motion, slow and controlled, perfect form

BBB: 5 x 1 @ 105 kg (TM). I did it all with perfect form.


Pull Up: 3 x 5 @ body weight

Kroc Row: 2 x 10 @ 45 kg (very strict form)

Closed Grip Bench Press: 3 x 8 @ 60 kg

Band Pull Aparts: 120 reps between assistance sets


Nice work brother! You'll be hitting 1.5xbodyweight soon.