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Hany's Training Log


I will do, It will help me also to focus more on the technique while not struggling with the weights.


@MarkKO just want to let you know that after a quality sleep (10 hours of deep sleep) I weighed myself today and found that I’ve lost all the weight and returned back to my weight before the vacation + 1kg (mostly the glycogen in the muscles). No soreness today and tightness has gone away. I think it was only the stress and lack of good sleep.


Saturday 12-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 1

Everything is different today. Soreness had vanished, and muscles felt fresh after two days of rest and good nutrition. The workout for today was good and I set new PR also. My balance enhanced too much while doing lunges and I even used the Olympic instead of the standard bar. I did only 5 x 5 for lunges and could do more but preferred to progress slowly and see the results.

Main Lift: Squat
1 x 5 @ 100 kg (6 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 115 kg (> 7 RPE)
1 x 1 @ 127.5 kg (9 RPE) new PR

My wife was spotting me and she stated that my depth at last set was parallel.

FSL: 3 x 5 @ 100 kg (8 RPE) ATG


  • Snatch Grip Deadlift: 5 x 2 @ 90 kg
  • Reverse Lung: 4 x 5 @ 40 kg (without using belt)
  • Biceps BB curls: 3 x 12 @ 20kg
  • Biceps DB curls: 3 x 12 @ 7.5 kg

Abs: 2 x HIIT circuits


Sunday 13-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 2

I’m restoring my strength, today’s session was good and I increased BTN weights also and set new PR (45kg x 10 reps).

Main Lift: Military Press
1 x 5 @ 60 kg (6 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 67.5 kg (7 RPE)
1 x 2 @ 75 kg (9 REP)

FSL: 5 x 5 @ 60 kg


  • Pull Up: 5 x 5 @ bodyweight (7 RPE, full ROM)
  • BTN Press: 10 x 10 @ (20, 25, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, 40, 42.5, 45, 35 kg)
  • Lateral DB raise:
    Circuit 1: 1 x 25 @ 2.5kg, 1 x 15 @ 5kg, 1 x 10 @ 7.5kg
    Circuit 2: 1 x 10 @ 7.5kg, 1 x 15 @ 5kg, 1 x 25 @ 2.5kg
  • Plate Raise: 1 x 100 @ 5kg
  • Band Pull Apart: 1 x 100 reps (straight reps)


This is awesome. Seems like your body just needed to adjust to the different training template.


Tuesday 15-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 3

Thanks god!!! I’m restoring my strength again. Seems it was a combination of long off training period, diving activities, unbalanced nutrition of vacation and intense start without taking it gradually. I hit a PR today in deadlift!!! Paused front squat also went smooth and BB row was wonderful.

Main Lift: Deadlift:
1 x 5 @ 125kg (7 RPE)
1 x 3 @ 140 kg (8 RPE)
1 x 1 @ 157.5 kg (9 RPE) (PR) I could do another rep but would fail on the FSL.

FSL: 3 x 5 @ 125 kg


  • Paused Front Squat: 5 x 2 @ (70, 70, 70, 70, 70 kg)
  • BB Row: 5 x 10 @ 60 kg
  • BB biceps curl: 3 x 12 @ 20 kg



That’s great! Edging closer to 180 kg brother.


Thursday 17-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 1, Week 3, Day 4

I was short in time today hence couldn’t complete the shoulder assistance workout

Main Lift: Bench Press:
1 x 5 @ 85 kg
1 x 3 @ 95 kg
1 x 1 @ 107.5 kg

FSL: 3 x 5 @ 85 supersetted with 3 x 5 pull ups


  • Kroc row: 2 x 20 @ 42.5 kg
  • BTN Press: 7 x 10 @ (20 , 25, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, 40 kg)

Abs: 3 x HIIT circuits

Total workout time including warm up 65 minutes


Monday 21-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 2, week 1, day 1

I caught influenza 3 days before and my temperature was 40 Celsius, that’s why I postponed Saturday and Sunday sessions till felt well. I combined both main lifts today in a single session and dropped most of the assistance. Another thing to mention is that my right shoulder is harmed. I noticed that over the past cycle and after incorporating Paul Carter’s shoulder program into my template I started to feel sever pain in the right shoulder, especially when I try to rise my hand at certain angle like trying to do front delt raise with hands wide. The pain increases day by day. I think it is a result of the BTN as this is not the first time to suffer from such pain after doing BTN. Same happens when I try to do the high pull. I will stop all the shoulder assistance for the current cycle and drop the TM for the press until I feel well.

Generally, the squat session for today was good, I hit a new PR and increased my calculated 1RM to 135 kg. Also I’m very happy that I got a new powerlifing belt instead of my old bodybuilding built. The squat was very nice with the new belt as I could push against it more and with comfort. It is about 10cm wide and 5mm thickness.

Main Lift 1: Squat
1 x 5 @ 90 kg (full ROM)
1 x 5 @ 105 kg (full ROM)
1 x 5 @ 120 kg (full ROM) PR!!

FSL: 5 x 5 @ 90 kg (ATG)


  • Snatch Grip Dead Lift: 3 x 2 @ 100 kg

Main Lift 2: Press
1 x 5 @ 55 kg
1 x 5 @ 62.5 kg (failed as the pain was unbearable)


  • Pull up: 3 x 5 @ bodyweight
  • Band pull apart: 3 x 30

Abs: 2 x HIIT circuits


I’m really sorry to hear you got hurt mate. You might do well to drop press and bench for a week to kick-start recovery though.


Thanks brother. Do you think that I’m doing the BTN wrongly? or my shoulder structure is not suitable for BTN press and high pull?


Honestly, I think it’s probably just overuse. You’ve added Paul Carter’s shoulder work on top your 531 pressing. Add to that BTN which isn’t always the shoulder friendliest thing around and you’ve got a recipe for potential issues.

How does squatting feel on your shoulder?


Squat was very tough on the shoulder, I had to place the bar as high as possible to reduce the pain. Does it indicate something?


Yes, it indicates that your shoulder is buggered.

Well, on the positive side you’ve had a learning experience: adding extra bodypart work to a program that already covers them all doesn’t often end well.

On the negative side you’ve buggered your shoulder, hopefully only temporarily.

How to fix this? I don’t exactly know because I’m not a physio and I can’t feel what you’re feeling (I’m quite glad about that second part). I have an idea or two though.

  1. Stop benching and pressing for a week at least, let your shoulder heal. If it isn’t painful to lock out a bench press, do floor press instead. If lockout hurts, no upper body push for a week at least. What you’re doing here is losing a week or two now to save months in the future. Welcome to the iron game, brother.

  2. Ditch squats for a week or so too, maybe even a full cycle. Front squat instead - I’m guessing it’ll be kinder to your shoulder, and it shouldn’t hurt your squat. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow because your squat is really starting to take off but you need to play the long game. You’ve got a 400 lbs squat in your not too distant future, you just need to stay healthy enough to get there.

  3. Do a metric shit ton of upper and middle back work, traps and rotator cuff work (I’m guessing part of your problem is a weak/inactive rotator cuff that got massively overworked and now hates you I may be wrong, but I doubt the work will make things worse if I am). I’m talking double the amount you do now. After all, you’re not going to be pressing or benching so you’ve got plenty of upper body training dollars to spend right now.

  4. Hit your deadlifts and lower body assistance hard as hell - front squats won’t tax your lower body as much so you can afford to. That’ll probably end up driving your squat higher anyway when you get back to it.

If after a few days of rest your shoulder still hurts, you should see a physio.


Sunday 28-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 2, week 1, day 1 (repeat)

Today I finished last dose of the antibiotic and influenza almost gone. I returned back to the training but right shoulder still hurts me, not so much as last week but pain is still there. As Mark advised I will stop pressing and benching for the current cycle and put more focus in the lower part.

For today’s session, it was a hard as I’m still weak, I pushed myself as hard as possible to finish the workout without hurting myself.

Main Lift 1: Squat
1 x 5 @ 90 kg (full ROM)
1 x 5 @ 105 kg (full ROM)
1 x 5 @ 120 kg (full ROM)
FSL: 5 x 5 @ 90 kg


  • Snatch Grip Dead Lift: 5 x 2 @ 100 kg
  • Lunges: 5 x 5 @ 45 kg (increased 5kg from last cycle, failed at last set, felt dizziness!!! maybe the result of the pain killers, antibiotic, coughing medication and Paracetamol)
  • RDL: 3 x 10 @ (60, 60, 70 kg) very easy sets, my lower back and hamstrings are doing better work now!

Abs: 3 x HIIT circuits


Not maybe. Mate, if you’re on that much medication, you might want to keep resting a bit longer.


Don’t worry brother, as I mentioned yesterday was the last day of the medication doses.


Wednesday 30-Nov-2016
5/3/1 FSL 12 weeks program (MarkKo template)
Cycle 2, week 1, day 3 (repeat)

Being away from pressing and benching is mentally hard. I love pressing, avoiding it for a complete cycle really depress me. To overcome the desperate; I’m considering this cycle as a lower body cycle only. Putting all of my strength to achieve new PRs and getting adequate rest and recovery periods. I did the deadlift session today, and had a new PR (5 x 145kg) increasing my 1RM to 163kg.

Regarding nutrition; I’m still testing the high carb intake. I found that my problem was with salt intake (sodium). Since I’ve avoided adding salt to my food (I used to consume high amounts of salt all over my life) I never experience bloating or water retention. Even when I increase my caloric intake I don’t see any problems. Now it is 10 weeks since I’ve avoided the salt, and 6 weeks on the high carb diet. The results are awesome, my weight after last cutting phase (before wedding vacation) was 74kgs. I was on low carb diet; hence glycogen was depleted. After return back from the vacation my weight increased to 77.5kgs. This is the result of glycogen, water and food in the guts. My weight is constant and only fluctuates about +/-1kg (depends on the meal), and my daily caloric intake is 2400 on training days and 2200 on rest days. Sometimes it is more than that. On the other hand, my body composition is enhancing, love handles shrinks, thighs have begun to get the definition, my belly is almost flat all the time. This is very interesting as I’d always thought that I’m carb intolerant.

Back to the logging!!

Main Lift: Deadlift
1 x 5 @ 110 kg (5 RPE)
1 x 5 @ 127.5 kg (7 RPE)
1 x 5 @ 145 kg (8 RPE) (PR!!!) I could do more two reps but preferred to save some strength

FSL: 3 x 5 @ 110 kg (5 RPE)


  • Paused Front Squat: 5 x 2 @ 75 kg (increased 5 kgs over last cycle)
  • Bent Over BB row: 5 x 10 @ 65 kg (increased 5 kgs over last cycle)
  • Band Pull Apart: 100 reps between assistance sets


This is a good call.

I would HIGHLY recommend for this cycle using the space left empty by press or bench to do a ton of upper and middle back work. In other words, flyes, rows and more rows. This is on top of the back work you would normally do.

This is awesome. Don’t be afraid to hit joker sets on days like this. It’ll help you gauge where your limit strength actually is. I know for myself any DL rep PR above three reps isn’t very useful to predict my top single.

How good is it when this happens?


Following your advice, today I will do Kroc Row for extended sets and will add heavy BB shrugs and some bent-over flyes. If there is something else I can do with the barbell only please advise, as I don’t have access to gym machines.

It is a different experience. Consuming 300g of carbs daily without the fear of fat accumulation is wonderful. Tons of energy, good recovery, no more high levels cortisol or water retention, and mentally satisfied. On the other hand, I feel my body getting more hard and toned. Muscles feel firm, hard, and defined. This is totally better than low carb dieting as I don’t struggle with low energy. I remember I read an article by Christian Thibaudeau before regarding diet on high carb and I’m following this right now. Also the article you directed me to read by Paul Carter regarding macro splitting is 100% accurate. I will never go back to the low carb diet.

BTW all of my carbs come from rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, and tons of fruits. I’ve never though I would consume these amounts of fruits without any issue. The nutrients in the fruits enhanced my overall health and I can see this into my skin.

The funny part is that now I share my kids eating ice cream and some deserts occasionally without any problems. My son used to ask my “Dad why don’t you eat with us?” but now he is very happy that we eat ice cream and sweets together :slight_smile:

Thanks for you advice to increase the carb intake, it is a huge turn into my life.