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Hans- 450 Pathway Question for You


Hans,I'm currently on trt.I use hcg as part of my regime. Here's the potential problem. I,ve recently started taking rhodiola.I'm feeling alot better,sleeping much much better,anxiety reduced greatly,blood pressure dropped a good bit. I stumbled upon an article saying that rhodiola could affect the p450 pathway.

It said if you are taking any drugs that use the 450 it could cause them to build up.I know that hcg uses this pathway.I read an extensive article from life extension,from whom I purchased the rhodiola, and it didn't mention this.What do you think? Thanks!


I would have to know what pathway was affected.
Try not to look into some much information because it will drive you crazy. IF you feel good on this protocol run with it. Nothing going to be perfect so as long as you are feeling good its the end results. When people trying to micromanage HRT it will make one more stressed out. Its good to educate your self, but do not look into things too deep. Since I have been telling people this, they have notice a better response from treatment.