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Hannity Then and Now on NSA Surveillance


More hypocrisy from the arm of the right-wing political party disguising itself as an unbiased news source.



As reported from a hypocritical, radical left-winged biased source.


So I guess it's your contention that Hannity didn't say those things?


No. It's his contention that anything coming from your scam site is to be dismissed out of hand for being nothing but the progressive propagandist bullshit it is.


So Hannity did not say those things?


On the one hand yes, on the other hand, Hannity flip flopping depending on who holds the White House?

I dont have to look it up.

I am 90% certain that that is what it is.

I am terribly conflicted.


This the typical caveman thinking of the right-wing talk show hosts. "Republicans good uh.... Democrats baaaddd..."


As opposed to Maddow and Oberman from MSNBC?

Christ you are dense.


So you admit to Hannity's guilt and hypocrisy?


Are you admitting that FOXnews and MSNBC are the same, at opposite ends of the spectrum?

I'm sure there is something on Rush's site quoting hypocrisy from the left.....but you would never admit to it.

And that's it, I am not giving anymore credence to your pet website.


I do not support the left blindly, if Rush has something on his website pointing out the hypocrisy then post it.


You blindly support a radical left-wing progressive propaganda website. So yeah - you support the left blindly. You have since you started posting the crap from your website 5 years ago.


Hannity may be a "conservative"(whatever that is), but he is no lover of freedom. I don't think that's news to anyone. I would also say he doesn't seem to be particularly intelligent.


I can't stand Hannity. Or that O'Reilley. Both are pro-big government RINO's who have an audience to entertain.


O'Reilly's the worst. Hannity at least seems to be good-hearted(though ignorant/stupid). He's just comes off as a geek who's scared of his shadow. They are definitely two big-government guys though.


They disseminate points of view the corporate media wouldn't dare. So I do support real journalism not the kind filtered by the corporate owners. So yes I'm bias to those who want to find out the truth rather than tow the line of their ideology despite the evidence. It is you who is a blind follower, a sheep of sorts.


They are corporate media dipshit. The proof is right in plain site - right here in PWI. Your blind faith is laughable. They take corporate money and lie to the little lemmings like you who swallow their load of shit like a thirsty 2-dollar whore.


They have taken money from family foundations. This is not a corporation. And how are they being controlled by taking this money? Dipshit!


Yeah. Posting what you post and linking to what you link to pretty much makes you calling someone a dipshit - well - just plain funny.


You cannot thoroughly defend your argument so you have to switch gears so the fact that you are absolutely busted isn't so apparent.