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Hanley, How to Make Shirt Tighter?


hi i have a size 46 f6 single ply shirt, im a 90kg lifter i dieted down from 100kg, how do i make this shirt tighter, i got an easy 160 probs can do 180kg in it, best i ever did was 185, but was expecting around 190-200kg in a shirt, but dont think i can do that in this.

anyway how can i make this tighter


1)wash it
2)sleeves down and shirt out of armpit
3) shirt jacked down hard
4)fold up the sleeves

is this all ok,


Gain the weight back!


Haha, i would have suggested gaining weight also.

I have heard that boiling a shirt can shrink it, as can giving it a hot wash... Whether you'd be keen to try that i don't know.


I am apparently the third to suggest option 5) gain weight

Twisting the sleeves (out, i think) should also help give more pop off the chest. Other than that you're looking at either sending it to a tailor, or you're just outta luck


From a tweaking standpoint you are on the right track.

Pull the back up and neckline down, pull the shirt out of the pits and sleeves further down on the arm. Also, rotating the seam on the sleeve towards the bicep will help, as well.

Your best bet, however is to alter the shirt. Two things. Sew in a wedge at the seam where it ends at the cuff. You will basically be taking out a a little less than half an inch in sleeve diameter if you do start the stitch right where it is thickest when folded over. This will help the sleeve stay in place (not slide up as the bar descends) and provide more pop from the chest plate.

Additionally, just like every Centurion needs to be taken in at the middle of the harness, both a Fury and F^ need to have the "moons" taken out. What I mean by this is place a stitch on both sides of the chest panel that decrease the 'roundness' of the current stitch (when the shirt is inside out.)

Be forewarned that this will change the feel of the shirt and you will need ample time in it before a contest to adapt to the changes.

The easiest alteration is the cuff one I described. Probably start there first as most people are surprised how much that tightens up the chest panel.

Then, assuming you have a seamstress up to the job, take the moons out of the chest panel.

You can PM me and I can send a pic of both alterations.

Lastly, use powerwash. Everybody with a poly shirt should be using it.

The trick is to put the shirt in on the last rinse cycle of your washer so it just gets agitated with the powerwash and spun. You don't want to rinse it out. Powerwash will stiffen up the material.

Don't apply unnecessary heat to the shirt. That's a dumb idea that's just going to fuck it up.


dont have time to get someone to modify shirt,

anyways ill try the other things out, also if i powerwash it, can i just use normal washing powder?


Powerwash is a special kind of detergent for washing gear.



You can do the sleeve alteration in about half an hour with a needle and thread. Just use nylon core cotton button thread.

What Steel Nation said. Order up a bottle.


for sleeve idea, where do i sew if I want to do it myself? im thinking at the shoulder area pinch the shirt and just sew the folded area? to make it tighter? would i need a machine also to sew it? please give detailed advice on what to do as I have no clue please,

much appreciated


It will make it almost impossible to touch with anything...but I have heard boiliong it in sugar water then hang dry it.


No. At the bottom of the sleeve, where you insert your arm.

Lay it flat and fold the sleeve in half at the seam. Then, hand sew in about an inch long stitch starting just inside (towards the center of the sleeve) of the area where it is the thickest due to the extra material around the seam.

I will get a pic of a shirt I have done and post it shortly.


If you can, get a round headed needle and use nylon core cotton button thread. Double it over in the needle and reinforce it with several stitches looped around the open side of the sleeve. That is the most critical part.

What this alteration will do is hold the sleeve down on the arm better under tension, allow you to gangster the shirt (pull down or twist sleeves) and have it stay that way. It also gives you a tab to hold onto when you are doing these things.

The pic I have attached shows a machine thread but I have done it literally dozens of times with a thread and needle. Piece of cake.


I like that this thread is address to Hanley and he hasn't posted yet.


I have a 46 F6 and weigh 100kg. I can touch with 60kg. With your raw bench you deserve a tighter shirt.


Pic didn't come through....pm'd it to you.

Hanley can bite me. Where is that guy, anyway?


thanks, dont worry hanley, just were sure who were the powerlifters on here but anyone will do, i guess ill stick with the 46 shirt, its cool


He's too busy contemplating the name if his next log. Unfortunately, this has him too hesitant to actually train as he's scared his program won't match the name. I gave him a perfectly good suggestion but he hasn't used it yet.

Irish people, don't even try to figure them out...


Sorry guys... 3 3.5 hour exams in 3 days has left pretty unable to form a coherent sentence!! Looks like ya got good advice anyway!


That's hilarious.


Haha don't be like that. One of us owes the other a reply to a PM, not sure who tho. Any ideas???