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Hank Williams III


Is anyone here a fan?

I saw him live this past Saturday night for the first time. I can't say I've ever had that much fun at a concert. I'm surprised there's still someone out there making actual legit country music, unlike the bullshit pop they play on the radio. Awesome, but I am a total hilljack so to each his own I guess. Some songs:

I Don't Know

Smoke and Wine

Six Pack of Beer


I only knew about him because he played bass in Superjoint Ritual. There's this video of Superjoint playing at CBGB and he's banging his head like he is trying to break his neck. Really cool.

Anyways, I haven't heard any of his country stuff. Cool guy nonetheless.



"I'm drinking some George Jones and a little bit of Coe, Haggert's easin' my misery and Waylin is keeping me from home."

and my fav:


HUGE fan, have been for a while now. I've got three of his country CDs but dont care for all the harder stuff.


Big fan of Hank III, along with Hank Sr. Hank Jr just sucks.


Hank III wails


This thread reminded me of how much I love Straight to Hell.


I'm a fan. First heard him on a Hank tribute album.

I agree Hank Jr. sucks...but then again...if my daddy was Hank, I'd probably be doing just what Hank Jr. is.


Every Monday night in the Fall, Hank Jr. gets a fat pay check.


Whats that pop/country bullshit group? "ride the cowboy" is part of the song lyrics. Its two Pop cock suckers that think they are country. That shit sucks balls


One more reason not to watch MNF.

Hopefully US Soccer learns from this abomination and hires someone else to sing about their friends getting rowdy on Monday night when soccer kicks football off the US of A's television's screens this fall.


Big and Rich. The song you are thinking of is "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." They play it constantly at a country bar I go to. Fucking gag me with a chainsaw. Whatever my girl likes it. I can enjoy watching her shake her ass to it without enjoying or respecting the music myself.


LOL, that's a good one.


soon as I saw the post I immediately thought of Mississippi Mud.....and thank God it's friday cause me and the friends "Are gonna drink ourselves completely blind".....

I don't know what your take is on the texas country scene but they tend to stay true to country...sure they stray now and then but they have a solid rep in my book. Reckless Kelly, Micky & the Motorcars, Stoney Larue....and so on and so on, they are all bad ass.

Don't forget Cross Canadian Ragweed either, they kinda got a southern rock vibe....they're on the weird side in a good way, imagine crossin marshall tucker, ted nugent, the band, and merle haggard. Screwy sounding but they do it all and I love it.


The video is even worse, two straight up barebackers. Fucking ghey man, just like every genre its seems...country has taken it in that ass (pile driven), taken 4 loads to the face, and died. They are the cocksucking equivalent of Kanye...cheer up Kanye your moms death was as service to society...Bitch was rough WOOF! c-walks outta of the room flipping of everybody


Seconded, Hank III is awesome.


Pics...or you know...didn't happen...that sort of thing....