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Hank III


It has been a while since his last release but has anyone heard his new album titled Straight to Hell? I have to say this is the best country album I have heard in a long time. The nore I listen to it the more I like it. I wish he would have been able to record some of his Punk stuff but his hellbilly stuff is awesome. It seriously kicks ass!!



Cool to see him play with Phil (Pantera) in Superjoint Ritual.


omy fuckin god H3 has delivered me from that bunch of fucken shit that nearly all modern music, not just country, has become. you gotta believe i am all over that record man. louisiana stripes is some wicked visceral genius. i can't get enough.


I haven't heard anything by Hank III, but my parents say he sounds JUST like his grandfather. I'm anxious to hear him.


For the record, I concur with that swivel character.

That is all; you may now return to your regular scheduled programming.



He really does sound like his Grandfather he looks like him as well. I strongly suggest picking up this new album.


Hell Yeah.. What did you think of his cover of No Values on Rollin's Rise Above disc? I thought it was bad ass.

Louisiana Stripes is some wild shit isnt it?



Dang, he does look like his grandfather. Wow.

He's also skin and bone. He needs to eat a sandwich. lol.


how'd you know i had that rise above disc haha ! that track just rips.

btw anyone getting hankIII's new record be aware that there's two versions: the real deal w/ the parental advisory and the wal-mart version which is edited for language and minus 2 tracks: dick in dixie and crazed country rebel. fuckin wal-mart.


Found this site.. Thought you would enjoy it. http://www.archive.org/audio/etree-details-db.php?id=15590&from=browsePopular


damn son ! frickn awesome !

btw i was talking to a girl i know in boston today as she was going into newbury's for some cd's. so i talked her into getting straight to hell, which she did, and they also gave her a bonus copy of both discs on vinyl !!! i 'm so damn jealous.


I'm a big Hank 3 fan. In fact, I flew to Chicago last weekend to see his concert with a few of my buddies. It was a kick-ass show. I saw him in Tucson about 4 years ago.

But I must give a caveat to country fans: the second half of his show is with his alter-ego band "AssJack." What's AssJack sound like? Imagine Slayer - but louder and faster. Oh yeah, and every word is a scream in the AssJack show.


Well, his voice and stature might resemble old Hank, but if you see him live you'll quickly learn that there are MANY things that separate the two. The main one being thrash metal.


Damn man, I was supposed to drive over there for that show then I had a buddy bail on me at the last minute so i decided not to drive the 3.5 hours by myself. H3 was in Lansing on the 31st but I missed that show as well because I was out of town.

Oh well, I'll definitely be at his show next time. I heard the floors were bouncing up and down at the Temple Club in Lansing because the crowd was so crazy. Ill see if I can post the bootleg to that show as well.



Damn, I wish I could get one of those sets. Hell I have been trying to find a T-Shirt as well and they dont seem to sell them. Here is a link to a recent show Hank III did in my area. It has pretty good sound quality for a live recording. As soon as they post the Chicago show Ill put it on here for CW. Enjoy!!!





bro this is killer. thanks for posting !