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Hank III: Who Takes a Gander?


I've been listening to 'em for awhile now, any other people who appreciate Hank III?


Good call Hank III is badass.


I enjoy his work as well.

Not surprisingly, he is never played on the radio.

I loathe the current pop country movement (if you want to call it that).


As do I, it's funny when I show up to a concert like Country Thunder and I am the only one throwing bottles at the stage at Kid Rock. How Kid Rock gets the Finale over Willie Nelson I'll never know.


I thought straight to hell was a great record, but the follow up left me thinking "ok Hank, we get it, you love Satan..." Awesome live though


It is Hellbilly, but I think it is more of just pure resistance against Curb.


Shakes head

Kid Rock is another schmuck, talentless assclown that for some reason, is now a country music artist. I'm not sure what his connection is to country music, but for the last couple of years now he has been lumped in with that genre.

I'm not sure who I despise more, Kid Rock or Nickleback.


He made a collabo with some female artist I believe.


fuckin awesome, he's only gonna get better since hes off curb. He said it himself he doesnt want to give some blood suckers like curb his best songs.


Hank Sr. never leaves my truck. I kind of wonder if Hank III plays pretty much what Hank Sr. would play if he was a young man today.


Yeah, Cheryl Crow, and she isn't a country music artist either.


Hank III is great, Hanks Williams Sr. is fantastic too, Hank Williams Jr can suck my cock.



Woops wrong vid.


Hank II is excellent, Hank Jr.s best stuff is what never gets played on the radio. The Almeria Club was a good album of his, almost no airplay.


I've got some Hank III


I found out about Hank III through his association with Glenn Danzig. Good cover of a Hank Williams song by those guys here:

They also did the Misfits song American Nightmare, which you can find if interested.


I know, but somehow that ended up on every damn country station.


Maybe so, but the man won't even petition for his Father to be reinstated into the Grand Ole Opry, what kind of son is that?


All three FTW!!! I grew up on Hank Sr/Jr. Some of my best childhood memories are driving around with my father and grand father, just cruising back roads, not saying much but taking it all in as a young kid. When I'm by myself, or with my gf (god love her for understanding), 90% of the time i've got some form of country in, and its usually at least 20 years old. They just dont make music that sounds like that shit anymore.