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Hangover Remedies?


So I had a lot of fun last night on New Year's Eve. Too much fun. Now I'm hungover as hell. You guys have any remedies for hangovers?


1) Bloody Mary

2) Ibuprofen

3) Weight workout (seriously)

4) Sleep


Yeah I actually went in and got some shirt work and that made me feel a lot better. But why would a bloody mary help?


Water and Potassium


Hair of the dog. A little bit of a buzz (NOT drunk again) makes the transition to sober easier.


Oh yeah, duh on the water. I don't really know re: potassium, but I do know V8 (which you may use in a Bloody Mary) is high in potassium.

I love Bloody Marys, and no, not just for hangovers. :slightly_smiling:


i hear marijuana works well


Good point there. On the bright side, bingeing on beer the previous night apparently leads to bench PRs.


The last time I mixed the two I ended up 2 miles from my apartment at an Afroman concert with a bunch of people I didn't know. Seriously.


The sodium in a Bloody Mary could also be of benefit as well. Correct me if I'm wrong(which I'm not..lol),a hangover is basically like being seriously dehydrated along with blood sugar levels being out of whack..therefore the potassium/sodium...and simple carbs(like a banana)can help get you out of vertigo hell.


Drink A LOT of water BEFORE you go to bed.


no correction your right.... water, the restoration of electrolyte levels, and fluids are the only "cure" for a hangover..... If you drink water the night before you go to bed you can usually beat having a hangover in the morning....

A hangover is a withdrawal symptom of alcohol.... the reason a bloody mary would work is because the body is craving more and more alcohol but eventually your gonna crash.... usually if you introduce more alcohol into your system youll crash harder later....


The whole water before bed thing seems very unlikely. If someone's trashed, they probably won't have water on their mind.


I read the Ibuprofen is bad to take, something to do with the stomach lining.

Banana's for potassium.

Multi-vitamin - won't cure but will help get some vitamins and minerals back in your system that the alcohol removes.

Exercise is good, but with a decent hangover its next to impossible to get the motivation to do anything.

And of course, water above all.


Lots of water/gatorade before bed and first thing upon waking usually works for me.

Rhodiola rosea seems to numb the effects of a hangover too.

And call me crazy but it seems every time I use the neti pot after waking up hungover I immediately feel a little better.


is there anything this magical plant cant do?


And another factor in a hangover is if you drink cheap liquor. I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me feel like garbage the next day. Even american beer kills me because it's more processed.


I never, EVER had a hangover...

How cool is that?

But yeah x2 on the grass


I haven't had a drink in years, but when I did:
always drank a quart of water right before bed, and never had a hangover.

my little brother swears by weed as the ultimate hangover cure.
or drinking more...
but when weed was unavailable, or he had to be sober, aspirin (not ibuprofen) and pedialyte/gatorade repaired him quicker than the rest of the remedies.
-something about aspirin repairing the sheath around your brain...I can't remember.


That's the tradeoff.....do it enough times and you will realize that pounding a gallon on water does great things when you are looking to pre-empively strike the hangover.

Dehydration is the enemy after a big night.