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'Hangover' from Lifting

I have a client I train who has an unusual problem. The day after he works out, he is ‘trahsed’ as he calls it. At first I simply thought it was the typical next day soreness and tightness from a workout. He said that was not what he meant. He literally feels like he was out drinking the night before. I have told him to start taking a good PWO drink (he is an MD, so he can get stuff pretty cheaply from reps).

But in case this is not the or a source of the problem, has anyone else run into this problem and if so, what did you do to relieve it if you were able to?

He is in his mid 40’s, eats pretty healthy: 5-6 time a day, prot-carb or prot-good fat each meal, does cardio 3x week for about 30 min and our workouts 3x for about 45 min. We do a whole bod workout that is GPP in nature.

If he really is eating enough and getting adequate rest, then he’s probably training too much for what he is not conditioned for.

You probably think that because he is a doctor that he should be able to take care of himself. However, I suspect that it is andropause (which official medicine barely admits exists, if at all).

It might feel awkward trying to get an M.D. to reflect on this question (whether he is entering andropause and needs to think about HRT or at least some kind of supplementation) and, indeed, he might not take it well.

This could be a neurotransmitter recovery issue. Melatonin before bed might help as well as the all important fish oil.

He’s in a high stress job and adding physical stress on top of that so rest and relaxation is super important. I’ll bet he’s so used to being sleep deprived that he no longer thinks about it as an issue. Have him make sure his bedroom is absolutely dark and quiet during sleep and that he’s getting 8 hrs every night.

This could be due to many things, as mentioned above.

But all I keep thinking about is what the hell is this man drinking to have hangovers like that?

I can’t believe this thread topic popped up, since I have been not only having this problem but using the same word-trashed. Maybe there is a MD/CNS fatigue/poor body recovery syndrome? lol Doc

I forgot the serious part-an attempted answer. For me, it only happens when I do intense OL or very heavy deadlifting. I can do a two hour, balls to the wall bodybuilding workout, stagger home, but be fresh as a daisy the next day. I really think it has to do with training high intensity at something your body is not really conditioned for, especially the compound lifts with heavy weights. I sure hope that’s the explanation.

Thanks for the replies; the answer I suspect is in two parts: rest and the overhead lifts. I do not know for certain, but I think he does not get as much rest as he should. And the word trashed started appearing a week after I included a snatch lift towards the end of the workouts.

Again, thanks for the replies.