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OK guys, nothing to do with training here,I just thought that since spring break is here and to shake things up I’d throw this out and let you dawgs chew on it a while. What’s your secret personal formula for handling those head-splitting morning after a 2 kegger hangover? Talk amongst yourselves…

Only consume 1 keg and let the rest of the party goers share the second.

I’ve found from personal experience, that one or two cayene pepper caps along with 100-200mg caffeine works well.

Chocolate milk

Down a bottle or half gal of the premixed high fat high sugar stuff when you wake up.

It sounds bad…but it works

Have another beer.

Here is something that works wonders for me: Before you go to bed, drink 32 oz of gatorade, take a multivitamin, and an advil. I’ve never had a hangover after doing this. The gatorade is awesome for rehydrating you.

My ‘formula’: drink a ton of water before you crash (sleep) with a few aspirin. Then in the morning an MRP mixed with Gatorade, a capsule of B-Complex and caffeine.

Drink scotch…not crap like Dewars either.

Try not drinking at all.

Eat that night…doesn’t really matter what, drink water until you don’t think you can drink any more, then have another glass…when you get up in the middle of the night to piss (which you will) have more water, multivitamin, vit c, maybe some aminos, advil or tylenol and maybe something else to eat. More water when you wake…you’re good to go.

Drink fruit juice before heading out to party, use juice as a mixer and drink juice upon rising.

a coke and a twinkie

Avoiding dehydration is number one.
Some doctors who have access to IV saline
solutions have used it very successfully
after a night out.
I mix up a huge drink of maltodextrin in
water with some creatine before going to bed.Works very well.

A big fat juicy mushroom swiss burger w/ gatorade, a multi, and some ZMA and L- Theanine! You’ll wake up in 7 hours ready to go!

I know a few east europeans who when they have a angover, a rare occurence indeed, drink a mix of wine and coke. At least half a gallon per guy. On a more serious note: drink 1 glass of water after a glass of beer and you will never have a hangover. It might even become hard to get drunk, but if that is your goal just go to a local licor store and buy some cheap high alcohol brew and dont consume any thing else that day. Quitting the beer and only drinking things that go for at least 150$ per bottle is a good way to stay sober.

a huge greasy chesseburger, fries and a huge coke. then take a good crap afterwards and bam, your hangover’s gone.

you get the hangover because you are so dehydrated. before going to bed or close to the end of the night youve got to just pound water. the guy that takes the gatorade is getting a litre of water before bed – no hangover…drop the rest of what your doing and do just the gatorade even.

Swallow a tablespoon or two of olive oil. I know this sounds disgusting, but what it does is coat the stomach walls with fat, which slows the alcohol absorbtion rate. You’ll be going for a long while… (And don’t forget to stay hydrated!!!) Use it wisely… Have fun!

Let’s see… really depend on how much you had to drink and how cheap the liquer is. High quantities of cheap liquer, first vomit, then consume mass quantities of water and some codiene (if available). Try not to be to drunk when you take codiene or you’ll hurl big time. The average hang over i have found that a glass of water per drink is a pretty good idea. Definately some tylenol and a multi-vitamin with extra C. The next day, what ever is left take it to the gym. I have had some of the best work outs of my life hung-over; don’t ask why 'cause I don’t know. Then after the work out, provided you gym has a decent wet area, bring a ice cold pitcher of water to the steam room a just sweat. Afterwords you’ll be ready for a nap.

I’ve had the same experience with wicked workouts on hangover days!! Dont know why.

Take b vit’s before the evening and the next morning. This seems to shorten the hangover length.