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Hanging on Pullup Bar


sounds ez, but it isnt.

try and hang on a pullup bar for 5 minutes.

i went to the gym to train the other day and seen some college wrestlers training.

these young guys were very intense..

one thing they did after deadlifting was go over to the pullup bar and hang there for 5 minutes. .. i seen a few guys laughing and talking about what a fucked up way to train..

try it.. it isnt ez.

sounds ez to hang for 5 minutes.... but it is hard. i did 1 set of 5 minutes and it hurt.. these guys were doing a few sets..impressive. gotta have a good grip for wrestling they were saying. that good grip helps so much.

try it..


I do these at the end of most workouts, but certainly not for 5 minutes!

I figured how will I ever get up to 20 non-stop chins if I can't at least hold onto the bar for the 2 minutes or whatever it will take to even do them???


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holy cow!!!! i thought this was a conditioning forum.. not a pick up guy forum.. sounds a little gay guys..asking where you from and all.. please leave it at that and go back to the original topic of hanging from a pullup bar for grip strength..



Well he has a wife and kids and lives on the other side of the planet(afaik), and neither of us is gay (afaik & nttawwt), but I think we can still make it work.


^^Ha ha! Good answer to that strange response.

I grew up in the North End. I used to go to the Premier Fitness on McPhilips (and hang on the pull up bar for grip work OK spk?!?!)
But the gym dearest my heart there is the U of W shithole dungeon weight room. When I went there in 1992 they didn't even have any Olympic bars or dumbbells!!


I've been here in Taiwan 10 years now! Also I'm 37, so maybe I know your friend's older brothers!


Nards, you have a wife and kids??
Are your kids of the human variety? I thought they were cute little white furry things.

Back on topic - what kind of grip did the wrestlers use on the chinning bar? Just curious...
I saw where muay thai fighters hold on to a suspended kettlebell because it imitates a clinch grip.


Holding onto a bar for a long period is a good goal to have but in all honesty if you can do 20 chin-ups you will be able to complete them in under a minute. Unless you can do a very high quantity, chances are the bottleneck will be with your lats and not your grip.


I know a guy that can hang on a bar for over 20 minutes straight, with the normal pull-up overhand grip. Granted he will have to dangle 1 arm every once in awhile to shake out the other one, but that amount of time suspended is still mind blowing.


Oh I missed that part, no, I don't have any real kids....that I know of.

Playboy: Thanks for that. I had no idea how much time I'd need to make 20, as I only do sets of 3 or 4 most days...I'm currently using a hand counter and click it for every chin I do. I want to see how soon I can complete 1000. Since January 1st I'm up to about 200 now.