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Hanging Leg Raises

In doing a Chad Waterbury program and I looked through each exercise. When it came to hanging leg raises I had a good idea of what it was, but not the full motion. I looked at a couple sites and they were almost all different. All of them had the same title but different movements. One suggested I push with my hips as high as i can go. Another even showed a guy put his legs up to the bar.

Im sure there are multiple ways to do this workout, but considering the first workout involves these:

Barbell Back Squat
Bent Over Row
Skull Crushers
Standing Barbell Curls
The hanging leg raises

Should I just do it where i lift my knees parallel to my waist?

I generally aim to keep my legs straight, and to lift my feet to the bar. It works more of your core than just your abs too :slight_smile:

If you google

Coach Sommer “developing the hanging leg lift”

you will find an excellent article on this exercise.