Hanging Leg Raises

I just started doing hanging leg raises, but instead of having a pull-up grip, I’ve been using a chin-up grip and about half way up(arms ~90 degrees), and I’ve found it to be much more effective for myself.
Just wanted to share this for anyone that might share my body type(long torso, short legs), as I always had a hard time ‘feeling’ that exercise in my core until I switched up to this style/grip.
Also, looking at one of Contreras’ articles from awhile ago, the chin-up scored pretty high on that activation chart he put together

You sure your not just working your hip flexors?

I have the same body type (6 foot tall, longer torso, shorter legs) and I do my hanging leg raises with a hammer grip and not a full hang - slight elbow flexion. This all but eliminates swing, and makes lowering myself slowly much easier.

HLRs rule.