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Hanging Leg Raise


Do you guys perform this with explosive concentric and slow/controlled eccentric?

I dunno if I'm doing this correct or not or I just think I have really weak abs or something, doing 2 controlled ones are very tough!!


Work up to it, it's worth it. This exercise is called the Hanging Pike and there are many variations.

Just get to a point where you can do 10 with proper form and then worry about exploding. Nobody should start a new exercise with explosive concentrics, I don't care how experienced the person is.


Just be sure to perform properly. Many people do just that, leg raises. Which is a great workout for the hip flexors.

Be sure to curl the hips towards the chest as to activate the abs in the movement.


exactly. if you do these right you'll be working the tranversus rather than rectus.

get the flexors out of the movement just like jehova said -tilt your hips- and to that i'd add contract your sphincter.

you also want to release air support so once you get to an L shape exhale so there's no air helping you.

doing these as static L hangs is incredibly effective. here's the breakdown:

-pelvic tilt/sphincter suck/inhale
-leg raise to 90 degress or higher
-blow out your air

most people can L-hang if they hold their breath, but not once they release that pressure. try doing reps of 10 second holds or maybe even 5 and work up to a minute total time. you'll get more out of doing 10 static reps than 100 leg raises.


Slow controlled everything.


good post