Hanging Band Technique

Christian, I read your new article on HBT and I have never used it with laterals, thus I will be trying that soon. I have used it alot with heavy compound exercises. My questions is,

1.) Regarding heavy compound movements is their a percentage of weight that I should be hanging in respect to a training max?

Ive done some HTB very light and some HBT pretty heavy hanging up to 40;s for upper body training and up to 80’s per side for lower. It generally depends as well what size bands I have to match the weights up with.d

2.) Any thoughts on if doing it too often is bad for you? I prefer this technique as apposed to lifting very heavy anymore as it allows me to really feel the muscle and get a great contraction without the extra weigth stress. Though if performing it weekly on some core lifts is too often then I will change some things.