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Hanging American Flag


My dad bought me an American flag for my bedroom and I was kind of confused on how to properly hang it. I looked up the U.S. flag code, but it's confusing. Should it be hung horizontally or vertically? Stars on the left or the right? Thanks in advance.



In this day and age, upside down would work.


Union Jack is always to the left.


Guessing the follow up question will be, "Union Jack?"


Dunno, that seems to be a bit old school for an American.

Then again, it hardly matters which way you fly it.


We call that shit the British Union Jack.

Ha! Actually the Union Jack (American style) is a sailor's flag.


Is this the American flag? I can't remember.....




Give it back and tell him your moving to Canada.


Stars always to the left as you are facing the Flag, whether or not it is displayed vertically or horizontally.



This thread would be much more interesting if we stuck to jacks.

Naval Jack of the Republic of China


Navel Jack of Chile.


Navel Jack of Mexico.


Navel Jack of Cyprus.


Navel Jack of South Korea.


Navel Jack of Japan.






Not sure why but the Mexican flag makes me hungry.


Navel Jack of the United States.

Note: For anyone who has paid attention, the (American) Union Jack is not the same as the navel jack.