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hanger steak (HANGAR)?

I just went to this restaruant and had this type of steak. I have never heard of it, and I asked the guy where it was cut from and he said it was from the underside of the cow. It seemed pretty lean to me (very tasty too, almost up to par with a filet mignon) Im just wondering if the guy was right , that it was from the belly(SORRY guys and gals Ive had a little too much too drink tonight, but damn that hangar steak was good!!)

Underside, huh? Was it kind of egg-shaped? Like maybe Rocky Mountain Oysters? Just kidding. Hey, there’s a lot of possibilities that I just don’t want to think about. Ko might be the best to answer this one.

The guy was right. Was is expensive? Hanger steak is pretty rare…I think that you can only get about 6 servings from one cow.

Yup, Ko can answer this one. He had me try the hanger steaks at his restaurant - and man, I’m glad I did. Yummy. It is not from the underside of a cow. But from the neck region. But again, Ko will better explain it.

“hangar steak?” from the underside? It wasn’t served on a hot dog bun was it?

The hanger steak, is also called a hanging tender, or onglet. it is toward the rear of the cow and supports the cows diaphram. It is also caled the butchers cut because the butcher would usually keep it for himself. It is now becoming trendy here in th U.S. and will probably get expensive. There is actually only 2 portions (t-man size) per cow,so it is hard to find.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


Uuuh no… that would be tube steak…

Mmmmm. I’m munching on a big bunch of hanger steak right now (with vegies and baby red potatoes). Cooked up and brought in for me by Ko . I’m a VERY happy carnivore at the moment.

Can you give me some suggestions for moderatly priced types of steak that I can get in teh supermarket or at the butchers. Thanks I no nothing about steak besides the fact that its red and yummmy. Ed

If you are not concerned with fat, but just want a good steak to grill, your basic top sirloin is a good choice, preferably free range(organic) beef. The New York strip is my favorite however, little more expensive, but worth it.

Thanks Ko, Im heading out tomorrow to get all the supplies for this weekends BBQ, New York Strips for all. And plenty of Dos Equis