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Hang vs. Power Clean: Which is Easier


By easier I mean which should you be able to do more weight on.

From what I understand and have been told the power clean should allow for a heavier lift. However I can hang clean much more than I can power clean. Does it vary athlete to athlete? Or is their probably something wrong with the way I power clean?


I'm not oly lifting expert, but my understanding is that the 'hang' referes to the position in which you BEGIN the lift (ie bar by the knees) and 'power' refers to where you catch the bar (ie in a quarter/half squat as opposed to a full squat.) So they're not mutually exclusive - you can do power cleans from the hang position.

I think that you mean you can hang clean more than you can clean from the floor - but I hesitate to offer an opinion based on an uncertain conjecture


I was under the impression that power cleans are started from the floor, as opposed to the hang, starting from, well, a hang.

I can powerclean more because I get more leg drive, for what its worth.


If you can hang clean more than you can power clean, you either need to get your legs stronger or lack coordination.


Not true. Your squat clean from the hang should be above your power clean from the floor, assuming you are technically sound.


Ah yes, the squat clean from the hang. I was refering to a power hang clean.


Im pretty sure the op means power cleans from the hang vs power cleans from the floor.

If this is the case then the answer is yes, there probably is something wrong with your form.


The word power is generally used to describe the catching position, not the starting position. Basically if you catch the bar above parallel it is termed a power clean whereas if you catch it below parallel it is termed a squat clean.


I only train hang so my hang is stronger also buddy, its mostly because I lack proper form from the bottom. In my opinion if your just worrying about getting some more power hang is perfectly fine.


If you regularly train both lifts, I think it's pretty clear that the lift from the floor should be the stronger one, due to added momentum and the fact that you should be able to deadlift more than you can hang clean anyway, so the lower portion wouldn't be detrimental to the lift.

It's about on par with asking what should be heavier, strict military presses or push presses? With push presses, you use leg drive to get more momentum and your squat should be more than your military press, so the lower portion wouldn't be detrimental to the lift, once again.


Must be my form then. Honestly I've been told by many strength coaches i have excellent clean form from the hang.

My best, which I just hit yesterday actually, is 255 at 169 pounds. I have to full front squat to catch it.

From the floor however I'm messing up the mechanics I think somehow. I don't feel the scoop off of the thighs like I do on the hang clean.


I'm not trying to boast when I say this, but I'm pretty sure my legs aren't whats holding my clean from floor back. I don't know my one rep max, but I can full ATG squat 350 x 5. I know thats not huge numbers, but I also know its not bad for someone of my weight.


So you do lack coordination. You'll have to practice more.


There really shouldn't be much difference between a power clean and a hang power clean. If your technique from the floor to where the bar is at mid-thigh is improper, then you will probably lift a heavier weight from the hang.
Of course, if you have a weak grip and are not using staps and doing several reps in a set you might find that your hang power clean is less than your lift from the floor.
Bob Takano


Another way to look at the issue is ask what are the world records for the two lifts?

I don't have anything definitive, but I know that the Iranian super heavyweight did a Clean & Jerk of 580 in the 2004 Olympics, so we know a Clean of 580 is possible. But what's the most you've ever seen someone Hang Clean? I can only recall a video of 400.


i just wanted to reitterate this point which many posters seem to be missing.


Um I'm sure reza could hang clean a lot more then 400lbs.


77kg class? World records are 173kg snatch and 215kg clean and jerk.


I'm trying to picture myself doing a clean from the floor. I think what I may be doing is flexing at the arms in the deadlift phase. I'm going to work on this next week.

Perhaps I should post a video of my clean for critique?

Only thing is I will not be able to get the video up till next friday. So we will have to put it on hold for a week.


Part of the issue for me is the CNS. When you take a lift from the hang your muscles already are "loaded" and have that stretch reflex going. However, taking a weight straight off the floor you do not