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Hang Snatch Form Check

I’m training for shot put and such, so I’m sure I’ve got pretty awful technique on the finer points of snatching. I’d appreciate it though if anyone could tell me if I’m doing anything really terrible here haha! This is ~80 or 90 percent of my max if that matters (I can’t remember, a little over 100 lb I think).

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Oh and by the way, I got a haircut a few days after this video. So no need to tell me that my hair looks like crap. I already know that. :smiley:

If you can, get weightlifting shoes.

Thanks for the advice. I catch with a pretty forward knee position. Is that an issue? Possibly O-lifting shoes would help with it too, maybe?

I’m going to be an ass, but that is a hang POWER snatch!!

Pretty good job on that too!! Start putting some weight on the bar!!

LOL. Thanks, man!