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Hang Snatch Critique

Hello, I’m looking for advice on improving my technique on the hang snatch any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

It is difficult to tell much about technique with such a light weight. True strengths and weaknesses will only become apparent in the 80 percent and over range. However, unlike most who try, you are succeeding in imparting vertical force to the bar. You are not looping. The bar remains close to the torso. All of this is good, but otherwise the weight is too light to genuinely critique technique.

Overall, speed could be faster. If you want to see how quickly weightlifters hang snatch, watch 0:22-0:28 of this video:

Thankyou for the reply, I will put some plates on and upload another video tomorrow.

Here is a second video with slightly better angle. This is probably close to 80% of present 1rm due to the fact that my left hand is still a bit tender from a break 6 weeks ago. 1rm prior to break was 165 lbs.

video didnt attach first time.

Stay more over the bar, your shoulders are not over the bar enough,

Looks pretty good overall.

Points to improve:
-stay over the bar more at the start, your shoulders are basically vertical in relation to the bar
-attack the bar more, doesn’t look hugely dynamic but looks a lot better then most people
-finish harder, you don’t really slam the bar to lock out, you just let it lock out, really punch it hard to lock out. Should be massively explosive and you snap the bar in to position

Good points
-arms stay straight = f0cking great!
-not bending arms!
-contact is pretty good but you should attack the bar
-you stay pretty vertical = good but be even more vertical, watch the bar as it passes by you on the way up

Keep up the good work buddy!