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Hang Snatch Critique


please critique my hang snatches. today was only the second time for me doing them. i guess i still could have gone a little higher with the weight.


The bar is too far out....if you train for a long time....overuse will cause shoulder problems. As I continued to watch your video....the heavier weight you use....the less the bar extends out...this is pretty standard.

If you fully extend back.........this will fix your problem. Generally, you want to fully extend back as you "upright row" till it reaches your your highest point and then you want to drop down.


tried again today. i went from bar x3 to 45x3 in 5kg-steps, from there on: 50x2, 55x1, 60x1. i tried to keep the bar closer. dont know if it really worked but it felt a lot better today.


Katze what's your height/weight? Just curious.



1,80m, 82kg


1,80m, 82kg