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Hang Power Cleans Wrist Position


Hello everyone, im new to this site and have a questions regarding one of the exercises that i do. I started doing hang powercleans to help me with my jujitsu game and i come across the problem of when i get to the top position i cannot seem to bring the bar to my shoulder area due to i guess lack of wrist flexibility?? Would i be lacking any by not doing the move in its complete motion? I have the same problem with the push press. Is it necessary to do that?

Willie Fit


It's worthwhile to work on your flexibility to be able to get into the rack position, but it's up to you whether you want to put the time into stretching, foam rolling, and practicing the position. Otherwise you can still get some of the benefits of the exercise as follows


thanks, i have the 5/3/1 book... its reassuring im not spinning my wheels by not racking properly. however ill most def be stretching my wrist back.