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Hang/Power Clean: Injuries & Questions

Sup guys, I’ve been cleaning for a month and reading up on it for ~5 months. I feel pretty good about my form (although there is ALWAYS room for improvement). But when I first started, I f’d up on the “catch” phase of the clean and banged up my right hand (my form felt good and I put myself in a position to catch it on my shoulders, but it oddly ended up falling on my palms and not the ends of my fingers).

Now, I much improved my “catch” phase, but I still have pain in my right hand. The pain is present when I go into push up position and when I warm up with hang/power cleaning (after that, the pain goes away).

I’ve just been working through the injury, putting on a heating pad b4 I train and a ice pack afterwards. Has anyone got this injury or have any suggestions on how to approach this injury?
Any info will be helpful info, thanks.

I would start doing wrist flexion exercises with some wrist extension(curls). Sounds like your wrist flexion/extension strength is off. In addition, try doing pushups off dumbbells(eliminates wrist extension) till it heals.

Ice after training, and I would warmup the area with wrist and finger cicles everyday.