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Hang Power Clean Form

hello guys, i need you to check out my hang power clean form. i tried them for the first time today and did 5 sets of 3 with 60kg. i´m training mainly for powerlifting but i want to incorporate them into my training to increase my power output quite a bit.

i guess my main fault was going much lower than mid-tigh with the bar? anyting else obviously wrong and suicidal?

Looks pretty good, your going fine in terms of depth, no real big issue, unless your doing them high which makes it harder but in normally it doesn’t matter unless your specifically choosing to go high.

Keep the bar a tad big closer but fromt his angle it looks very good!


thx man…i appreciate it. i guess pointing the elbows more outwards would help keeping the bar closer?

I think bar closeness is going to be more about when you start to transition from first pull into getting underneath the bar. I don’t know what best practice is but I would say flaring your elbows out will end up loosening you up so I tend to point my elbows more inwards to keep tension in my shoulders etc.

If when you are pulling your are imagining hte bar just coming up vertically against your body then the idea to me seems to be in the perfect world the bar would keep floating up vertically as you get underneath it and let it drop down into front squat position. I think people can have a tendency to stop their pull too early so they’re kind of forcing the bar around which then will push it away from the body.

I don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly but it seems to me like your form is pretty bloody good and if you want to concentrate on anything to me it’d be your jump/land explosion between pull and getting under as you seem to be pulling the bar over that peak rather than getting underneath it and letting it drop. Also the pull you might want to concentrate on getting your elbows higher or basically extending the explosion of your pulling motion so that the bar does get high enough for you to get under.

That’s my two small tips.

Point your elbows ‘along the bar’ Now if you lift your elbow ‘up’ the bar will stay closer to your body. As soon as your elbows back ‘backwards’ you will tend to reverse curl it and the bar will go away from you.

Your first rep was the worst onein regards to keeping the bar close. The others were better. Work on turning over your hands quicker to rack the bar. The bar shouldn’t ‘loop’ like yours does. It should stay closer and PULL YOUSELF DOWN IN TO A QUARTER SQUAT FASTER. You float a bit.


second try today. i tried to keep the bar closer and to eliminate the loop at the end. i think it looks a bit better than last time. my main problem is i dont really grab the concept of pulling myself actively under the bar.

her is todays last set - 60kg. better or worse than last time?

one more time:


first set is 90x2, second one is 100x1…any comments?

looks easy mate!

Keep at it and load up some more weights is all I say!


thank you, sir! will do.

Great improvement on the form.

Only comment i would give you is to drive your elbows further up, almost as if your trying to garrote yourself with the bar, this will give you a much firmer ending catch as the weight gets heavier and will really save your wrists.

If wrist flexibility is the issue there, just slowly work on some wrist stretching after finishing your sets and as long as your consistent it should improve. Great work man.

good pull, but you’re catching it on your toes instead of your heels. think front squat when catching the bar.

thanks guys. i often catch the bar on my toes when i dont wear my olyshoes. i guess i have to work on that and my wrist-flexibility.

since i dont want to open a new thread could you please check out my jerks. 80x1, 90x1 and 95x0 with a litlle pressout. im still pretty new to jerking and im just fooling around a bit with them.