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Hang Power Clean Critique


First time doing these bad boys (or anything oly related tbh) in like 8-12 months. I think everything looked fairly decent, but well I'm not a weightlifter so I don't know!!

Hang Power Cleans - 90kg x3

Set one; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1m0xC1DsjA
Set two; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR66d7u0u2E

Comments, feedback and critique appreciated!!


TYPE2B should be able to help you out with the olympic lifts. He knows more about training than anyone else on here.


Looks pretty good. Only thing I would say is lower the bar a couple more inches down your thigh before exploding up so you can get more power out fo your hips and legs, instead of muscling it up with your upper back. Pretty solid tho.


It kind of looks like you're using your lower back instead of getting hip extension. That's really tho only thing I can think of, good stuff.


I like the position you are taking it from, actually - its pretty close to one I use to teach people how the end of the 2nd pull should feel. I'd like to see it a hair lower so that you can start with your knees in the position that you are rebending them into. This should allow you to focus more on driving your shoulders straight up by just extending your knees and hips. You are leaning back into the lift a bit too much, and I'd rather see more of a jump than a pullback.

It also looks like you are arm-pulling some because your transition is slowish. If you try to jump-shrug-(partial)squat(I know they are power cleans) you'll likely get a lot more speed out of these.

Overall, they look pretty good! Just a few things to refine some.


Hanley those were very solid.
-foot placement was excellent starting and landing you reset every rep
-back was tight used hips to lower bar
-weight was back on heels until you came to full extension
-you kept your arms out of the movement
-The starting point depends on the training effect your after. The higher that you are able to start on the thighs the better you are at generating force quickly (more powerful you are) going lower is only necessary if you are working the transition from the first pull to the second pull of the clean or if you need more time to generate momentum on the bar. Your starting position that you are using is right at your "explosion" point
-good speed of the elbow around the bar into the rack position
-good flexibility of the arms and shoulders. Able to keep the upper arms parallel to the floor in the rack/receiving position
-you dropped under the bar to receive it
-when you received the bar your hips were slightly behind the shoulders, optimum position, to keep the bar over the area of the base
-when you recovered you reset your feet back to the jumping/pulling position for the next rep

The only two things that I saw were very minor:
-On a couple of reps you hopped forward a bit of the balls of the feet
-You also swung the bar out a bit on a couple or reps which were also the ones where you jumped forward
I think those two issues are just a matter of working on consistency in your technique.

The whole point of my response. You have no problems my friend. Good work.


Hanley I have got to say I'm impressed and intressted to know if you have had any coaching in the clean because they look pretty solid.

What you were doing where cleans from the hip (or high hang clean).

In our gym when we do any oly variation from the hang we go into a stiff leg deadlift to above the knee and come back in to second pull position to mimic the loading of the hamstrings that happens when you transfer into second pull form the end of the first pull. This also mimics the weight placement that happens on the soles of the feet.

The first set looked pretty decent, on your second set your weight is forward slightly which is causing you to chase the bar.

If you stiff leg the bar down with the weigh coming from the middle of your foot to your heels and come back into position and pull (shrug) the bar over your shoulder you should feels a marked difference.

This is the best example I could find of what I mean when it comes to positioning.

Nice lifting.


Looks solid, I would just do as GetTheHIT said and lower the bar an extra couple of inches before exploding up


If you are only intending on doing power cleans not full cleans, they look as good as Murofushi (OG hammer champ with 195 kg max)

very good rack position and no straps.

agree with others lower the pull towards your knee will give more "work", but looked very nice..


Thanks for all the tips and feedback so far guys, I'll reply properly tomorrow.

I did some hang power snatches today and I think they almost resemble how the lift should be done?? The second set was ruuuuuuubbish but I think the first was decent enough for someone who's done about 6 snatches in a year!?!?

Feedback and critique is again appreciated.

60kg x3 - first set http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv4wVIpQXR0
60kg x3 - second set http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuTv8k0XVVo


any reason you're doing the oly shit? I've wanted to get back into cleaning and snatching for a while, but have had a hard time working it into my routine.


Hanley power snatches look nice but heavy, a little rough, but sure if you do more they will become smoother and faster.

For anyone other than someone training for a squat snatch they are fine, sure the purists may not agree, I have found that you can never shrug too much rise on toes too high, pull with the arms too late or drop too low..

any reason for straying to the other side..,


The biggest thing I see is that you are really laying back on these, which also kicks the bar at front some. I'd like to see you be a lot more vertical as opposed to overextending your hips and leaning back at the very top. Your hips need to drive your shoulders up, not drive the bar forward.


get a pair of shoes with a heel if you plan on doing these more. It helps tremendously.


Form on the Snatches and Hang Power Cleans look solid. I do these also to help with explosiveness for rugby.