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Hang Cleans

i just started doing these a week and a half ago, up to 160 pounds for 1 rep pretty easliy, i finally got the form right and im comfortable with the lift. dont plan doing any powercleans becasue my lower back isnt all that good. any workout routines with these that i could do involving other lifts?

Is that all you have been doing?

Why don’t you just add the hang cleans to a good strength training program?

of course i got a workout that ive been doin for a while, i just added hang cleans a weeks and a half ago.

Then there you go. You answered your own question.

I used to do hang cleans 3 times per week. When I graduated high school i was cleaning 275lb. I have found that deadlifts and upright rows have a profound effect on your overall strength on the clean.