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Hang Cleans on leg day?

Im using a 5x5 program right now while I’m making the trip to a lower weight class. I was thinking about adding hang-cleans of power-cleans to my leg day to work on my explosivenss(sp?) while working on strength too, would this be effective?

Charlie take a look at Bobdybuilding/power combine program in Liar Ice of the Ice Dog. Power Cleans can be done first in a leg routine…

great work-out by the way I am using it now…

Yes I think this is a good idea, but put the hang cleans near the beginning of the workout. Doing these when you are really fatigued can lead to bad form.
I have been doing hang cleans twice a week, on leg and back day, and it has worked well although I only go heavy once and work on power the second day.
Hope that helps,

im doing it right now in a 5% pyramid phase, and its working well. i split my legs up, and do powercleans as my main hamstring exercise (during this phase.) ive also found snatch pulls to work well too for explosiveness.

JC #10 I agree w/ you there but I would do snatchs on a back day not a leg day… Just stick w/ cleans on a leg day…

Really depending on how often you’re training you can do them on any day as long as you have a good 48 hours rest between them and workouts for other major lower body muscles. They work well if done first on leg day and will also enhance your strength in subsequent movements due to the amped up effect they have on the nervous system.