Hang Cleans and Sore Back

When I do hang cleans, especially for reps, if I have a sore lower back the next day is that necessarily a sign that I am doing them wrong? Usually my first rep is more like a jump, with the torso staying still, but I will start to bend more at the waist to muscle them up. I don’t have a way to post a vid right now, but basically the question is, is back pain after clean high pulls bad, and if so is it unlikely with correct form.

It’s either:

  1. using your lower back too much to pull and catching it with the torso leaning back slightly
  2. when you lower the weight down you basically let it drop down and “catch it” with the torso leaning forward

BTW, it’s not really a jump… you are trying to create upward momentum of the barbell by using your legs explosively but it’s not a jump. It would be close to “violently standing up”.

Thanks. From the hang I was catching it too far in front when doing reps. My singles are good, but when I tried to do 3-5 reps I was swinging more than pulling. I put bungees in my power rack at whatever height I am aiming at.

I also was letting my shoulders roll forward after the first rep, and bending the knees less.

When you do reps on hang high pulls, do you pause between reps at the hang, or rebound them right back out of the drop as fast as possible?

Also, I was wondering, do you squeeze your scapula together behind you, or just squeeze them down and try to get the shoulder girdle hard?