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Hang Clean to Press on Shoulder Day


I currently do legs on one day, then shoulders(including traps)the next, and back the next day. I've missed doing hang clean to presses so i decided to bring them back in for they really seem to develop my traps and delts.

If I am doing them on my shoulder day it wouldn't be overworking out for my legs from the glute/ham drive i use to get the motion started would it? and more concerning me is would it be over training for my back? Is the clean and jerk mostly working upper traps so that it won't interfere with my back day? would really appreciate some advice on this because i love the exercise


Try it. Sometimes a little extra blood flow through a muscle only makes it recover faster.

If you're using weights you can press overhead I think you should be fine. Depends on how strong you are at each exercise of course.

But don't be surprised if it turns out to be too much for you.


Really confused by what you mean, don't be surprised if it turns out to much for you? what do you mean by that and of course I'll be able to press the weight overhead....it's a clean and press


He's saying TRY IT. Who knows what'll work for you? You do. (or you will after doing it a few times)


I know it works for me, I just tried it at the gym and loved it. But like I said it killed all of my traps and I guess my primary question is it overworking out on the traps if I'm doing back the next day?


Are you doing shrugs or deadlifts the next day? If not, then you should be fine.

(I feel required to point out that I hurt my traps pretty badly a few months ago so you may not want to listen to what I have to say!)


Your muscles recover quicker than you think. Do some research on overtraining, its got more to do with your nervous system then your muscles. CT wrote about this in a thread I read a while ago (very old thread) I'll try find it.



not the one I was thinking of but he gives the same explanation on page 5