Hang Clean Stuck

I’ve been thinking of asking the nation for help for some time, I guess the Power Clean post finally encouraged me to do it.

My power clean has been stuck at the 235 - 245 range forever. Does anyone have any suggestions on how they were able to improve?

Thanks for any help.

My power clean got stuck too so I just stopped doing for a while and decided to just build “brute strength.” I wasn’t specifically intending to up my power clean - just to build general strength. I started doing max effort good mornings, heavy front squats, and jump squats. I had previously never really done these exercises. After not having worked heavy cleans for several months (I’d do some light cleans for reps, but not heavy singles), I gained 10 kg on my clean.

MiketheBear is right about working hard on strength, but you need to also work on being more explosive…to be able to do the triple extension with the shrug as fast as possible. Some jumping drills would help too.

I would learn how to squat clean too. I think trying to max out on a power clean is a dead end. A full clean is just a clean that you weren’t able to pull high enough to power clean. It feels awesome to be able to squat clean a weight and quickly drive it out of the hole.

Jump shrugs and rack cleans. They helped me raise my #'s on hang clean a lot.

I don’t have much to add beyond the above replys and not seeing you do the lift makes giving advice a shot in the dark. Are you keeping your arms straight, elbows locked throughout the jump/pull until the last possible instant?

As the wise man said, ‘when the arms bend, the power ends’. Try loading up the bar even heavier and just practice the jump and shrug while focusing on keeping the elbows locked. Additional plyo work might help with the very critical explosiveness needed and sure never hurts anyway. Good luck…

speed speed speed speed speed speed!

It’s not too unlike some of the technigues used by westside barbell! Speed day…heavy day!

Don’t go above 3 reps! After 3 reps you move into a stregth exerisize apposed to a speed and explosive lift.

Thanks to all who responded. As always, I have some good tips and advice to implement. I will work on my explosiveness.

Perhaps I can figure out a way to post a video some day, I’m sure my form is lacking.

Thanks again all.