Hang-Clean Pull-Ups

I have seen these on cross fit, I like the idea.

Anyone else heard of these.

Nope, what is the exercise meant to achieve exactly?

Do you have to use really big plates that allow you to do a pullup under, or do you have to have really short legs?

Sounds almost like a muscle up?

heres the video , watch until they do the pull ups

[quote]deandestructo wrote:

heres the video , watch until they do the pull ups[/quote]

I wouldn’t call those pull ups.

Kipping Pull-ups?

I guess if you want to do 60 pull-ups they’re good. You start cheating like that with weight around your waist and you’ll fucking kill yourself. If you do your pull-ups with a dumbbell between your legs you might throw it into the mirror in front of you.

I don’t think they’re bad. They have a place.

They’re probably great for conditioning, if that’s why you’re using them.

im not using them, i have just never seeb them before and was interested

Oh, so it’s two exercises. How boring.

Lol watch at 1:30 all three of them at once doing “pullups” looks ridiculouse. I don;t like crossfit because most of them concentrate only on numbers sure I can take 30 seconds of my time if i do half squats and and use momentum whenever possible but what the hell does that give me accept for being able to boast like a dick.

Crossfit people do the kipping pull ups so that they can get the most amount of pull ups in the least amount of time, which they argue is important from a power output aspect.