Hang Clean Progression


Just watched your hang clean progression video on your blog. I’m curious about bar height on the pull. The bar doesn’t need to go high in order to clean it, but would pulling the bar higher mean you’re generating more power/force?

The reason I ask is because I can “clean” more than I can front squat. My form is ugly at times. I tend to move my feet wider to get low instead of dropping my hips and my torso stays upright. It’s like a sumo style front squat. I also pull the bar higher than needed based on your video.

My goal is power. I love the movement. Should I go back and build up my clean the correct way? I don’t plan to compete. Should I just do pulls stopping at the triple extension and shrug? My ego likes pulling 300lbs and catching in a quarter front squat but I’m also a fan of good form/technique.


That’s a good point. And the reason why I prefer the power snatch over the power clean to build explosiveness.

I do not like to bastardize a lift. I do not accept catching a power clean higher than in about a quartr squat (knees about 100 degrees, or similar to the athletic position). It has the most carryover to absorbing forced during an athletic activity and open the door to eventually learning the full clean.

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Ego has no place in Olympic lifting. Pull it as hard but catch it a bit lower. You do so by actively pulling to your throat when doing the pull… this prevents the bar from going up to high and crashing on you.

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loved the drills coach!

That’s my 295lb “clean”.

I know I catch it too high. That’s about as good of form as I’ve managed with that weight. My best clean where I actually catch it in the front squat position is 265lbs. With my goal of being explosive and powerful, should I:

A. Decrease weight and relearn the movement properly.

B. Perform power snatches or muscle snatches.

C. Drop the catch phase and just do pulls (triple extension and shrug) and high pulls.

Obviously the pulls allow me to use more weight. I’m trying to understand the best approach. My hips/lower half move pretty much the same in those movements so I’m thinking that pulling more weight explosively would be the better approach. That being said, you’ve competed and coached longer than I’ve trained so I think you probably know the best answer.


The height of the catch is actually correct. I’ll do a more in depth analysis of the movement to see what you can improve


I received this critique from @Benanything regarding the lift posted above:

What do you think, CT? Is it that bad? It’s ok, I can take it lol

Edit: he and I are not arguing about this but having a great discussion. And you don’t have to go into detail on how to fix me - - just let me know if it’s somewhat acceptable or if I should stop doing this immediately!

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I’d like to add that I do not consider that as a proper clean. If one is trying to increase explosiveness, that would be a perfectly fine and viable option as it still allows one to get the triple extension(explosiveness) in. That being said, I do think it’s unnecessary stress for the wrist and it might lead to injury. No hate and we’re on here to improve.