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Hang-Clean form

When doing hang-cleans is it ‘cheating’ or o.k. to bounce the bar off the legs just above the knees. (Does that make sense?) It was how I was always shown but am now wondering if that isn’t good form considering the sources I’ve learned it from.

I think it will depend on how you do it. Brushing the thigh in a snatch (and less commonly a clean???)is quite common i think. But this sounds a little different to what you describe… Are you dropping the weight on your legs and then doing it. Or does it just hit your legs on the way up?

I do not bounce the bar off the legs when performing cleans from the hang.

Bouncing the bar off the legs isn’t considered good form, nonetheless alot of folks do it. A small bounce isn’t a big deal. What you don’t want to do, is slam the bar off your thighs and knock it in a horizontal direction and out of it’s vertical path.

When you say “bounce” is more like a timing touch & go or are you really banging the bar against your thighs. BTW - when you start the Hang, are you full upright and then dropping to the neutral position? In faith, Coach Davies

I wouldn’t say I was banging the bar against my legs just a little bounce and it does help to say that I am not full-upright when starting I was starting at just above the knee.

So am I correct you are in the neutral position and then bouce the bar off your thighs before starting the lift upwards? If so, I wouldnt reccomend this approach. In faith, Coach Davies

If bouncing the weight off of your thighs is the only way to get the bar up - lighten it and work on that explosive form. Correct form, especially with this exercise, is a must. We performed The Bear and cleans from the hang on Tuesday. My traps and shoulders are still sore.

Thanks all!