Hang Clean Form

Hey guys,

Just curious if some of you could weigh in on some issues.

I am having trouble transitioning from the first pull to the second pull. I imagine that my first pull isn’t quite right, as the bar tends to drag against my shins. During the second pull, the harder I snap the hips, the harder my hips bang into the bar. Either the bar will hit my pelvis and fly forward, or it just hits me in the dick.

About every other 3rd clean I get a good rep.

Here is a video. Been studying cleans but having trouble putting it all together.

Thanks for any help or advice.

On the first pull you are dragging the bar around your knees (aka letting it get out in front of you), rather than pushing your knees back to get them out of the way of the bar. This will tend to leave the weight out in front and, especially as the bar gets heavier, it’s not likely that you are going to be able to pull it back into the proper position if it’s out in front of you and has even possibly caused your weight to be shifted forward. You don’t connect the pulls here so that is not an issue, but if that’s how your first pull looks when you do the lift from the floor, then it will be an issue.

After you set the lift up from the hang the 2nd pull doesn’t look too bad here, imo. However, you say that sometimes you bash the bar with your pelvis and sometimes it hits you in the dick. Well that can only mean that you’re not always sweeping the bar into the same position. Every time you initiate the 2nd pull, the bar should be in SAME spot. You’ve got to get your reps in until it become second nature. Also, if the bar is sometimes hitting your pelvis on a clean you must be bending the elbows prematurely. As a beginner, I would not recommend you clean with bent arms, so try to keep your arms straight. Imagine that they are just hooks; keep them relaxed. All the power comes from the hips. Focus on getting a strong, powerful, full hip extension, and keeping that bar in as close as possible.

Just my 2 cents. Koing will be able to help you better than I.


It looks to me like you need to start with your hips and knees further back. As Alec points out, if you are used to bringing the bar around your knees (it looks like you are) instead of moving your knees back, you will be in the wrong position when you start the 2nd pull.

   You need to begin the hang clean in a position where your hips are as far back as possible and your shoulders further over the bar. You shouldn't be able to sit in this position as you appear to in the video without a lot of strain on your hamstrings. 

   From this ass far back position you can move to the final position which you seem to be performing correctly. By moving from the hips back position through to the extended position with your weight on your heels you will achieve a better 'scoop'/'double knee bend' and it will hopefully allow you to use a powerful hip extension to accelerate the bar vertically.

As I’ve said I think you will find the final position fine if you can make sense of the position I’m referring to.

I hope this long winded explanation makes some sense, I’m sure others can explain it better.

Watch Donny in this video at 2:18. Donny Shankle is Bigger Than You - 200kg PR Hang Clean - YouTube

He briefly moves into the hips back shoulders forward position. He then pulls powerfully, at the same time bringing his hips under and his shoulders back whilst extending knees hips etc.

Get your shoulders over the bar more in both positions, you’re too upright!!

Off the floor, you need to push with your legs and hips, kind of like a squat. You’re not, you’re using your back to lift the bar. In the second pull, you are not in an ideal position, too upright. Also, since you’re hitting yourself in a different place, you’re not consistent with this, as mentioned.

How does this look fellas?