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Hang Clean Form Check


You dont appear to be fully racking the bar .

You are racking partway and then muscling the rest of the way up.

A few things can cause this :

-not dropping down low enough to ‘catch’ the weight.
-have poor flexibility in the arms and wrists.

I personally have a bit of trouble with ‘triple extension’ and the actual catch phase of a full clean.

There is probably more but I am personally not Mr CLean Master so i cant give tons of critique.

Having a video with a closer/better view also helps.

You could consider investing in an actual video camera ($200-300) and a tripod ($50)

[quote]Field wrote:
You dont appear to be fully racking the bar .[/quote]

This. You’re not even close. The position you catch the bar in should be almost identical to where the bar sits if you were to take a clean grip for front squats. Bar rests on your shoulders, your hands/arms shouldn’t really be bearing any weight, they’re just there. It’s likely a flexibility/mobility issue, which is something that just takes time to work on. Really gotta finish the pull and whip those arms around the bar, drive those elbows as high as you can.

Looks to me like you could also wait a tad longer and get the bar a little closer into your hips before you pop, and finish the pull/extend your hips some more. Just my two cents.

Look at how much your hips/glutes move once you’ve gone over the bar. Almost not at all. You’re trying to generate power by throwing your shoulders back rather than “scooping” the bar up with your hips.

As TheJonty says you’re hips are too far away from the bar as well, so the little power you generate is lost because of this.

Then there’s the racking issue which has already been mentioned.

  1. Slow the set up down. Get your shoulders over the bar, keep your back tight and hold the bar with loose arms, just above the knees.

  2. Driving your hips towards the bar and up (the scoop) whilst keeping your shoulders over the bar and concentrating on pushing through your heels imagine you are jumping up to the ceiling.

Points 1 & 2 should hopefully have allowed you to generate more power so the bar should go far higher than it is currently.

  1. Once the bar has achieved it maximum height (you should just be able to feel this) throw your elbows under and up high as quickly as possible, allowing the bar to rack across your shoulders.

Try that a few hundred times and let us know how you get on! :slight_smile:

thanks to all i’ll try again and tell you how it goes

I think im racking it better but am still confused on how to use hips