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Hang Clean Correlation


Listen, i dont get it, i suck at hang cleans, my form isnt that awful, but heres the thing...Im faster and can jump higher than most guys on my football team,and im 215 lbs....so i dont have an advantage of being light..but for some reason, an exercise like the hang clean is something that im not good at and its supposed to be explosive but im more exlosive than 95% of my team.....i dont get it. Any help here?


How do you measure your explosiveness--where does 95% come from? Just because you feel you are bad at the particular exercise does not mean that you should experience any correlation between your performance in the clean and and your performance on the field. It is hard to determine cause and effect based on any correlation between the two lifts. What other types of explosive lifts do you perform?

Also, how do you perform your jumps; statically or from a squat position--do you use your arms for momentum? There are other parameters at play including overall leg strength.


are you getting playing time?

don't sweat it. the strongest guy isn't always the best player. what you need to be focusing on is your on field ability.

i have seen a ton of stong guys that are terrible on the field becuase they can't move, and recruiters never asked about cleans or bennch during our pro-days. they wanted 40, vertical, t-drill, and to see the guys run plays.

i know i didn't answer your question, but hopefully it settled your mind down a little.


To give you a totally different point of view. It might just be your form while doing the lift, maybe your "lifting with your hands" and not "with your legs", read up on proper form for the lift and seek advice from an OLY coach. Your probably just not doing it right.


95% means that im faster than almost every person on my football team, even DB's that are light and I'm 215, i play outside linebacker, and i can jump higher than almost everyone as well, including DB's, and a lift which is supposed to show "explosiveness" (hang clean), im not that good at, at all. But im explosive for sure, it just desont make sense.


When I was younger (42 now), I was good at jumping. A couple of months ago my son, whose into parcour kind of acrobatics, challenged me to jump over two stools in a row and some stuff on them to give more height. I took the stuff away and tried to jump over the two stools. I was confident that would make it, since I have been doing cleans and snatches regularly. I landed on the second stool. Though I'm better at the lifts, my jumping skills have seriously deteriorated.

Lesson of the story: to become better with cleans you have to clean, to jump better you have to jump.


I don't think a hang clean really has all that much to do with vertical leap.


different motor quality all together

hang cleans are slower than most explosive sports movements, so strength plays a greater role

The kind of reflexiveness and rate in sprinting and jumping isn't the same with hang cleans especially as you dip lower and go heavier.
Definitely more "muscling" involved


Don't sweat it, it sounds like it is a form issue. Maybe talk to your strength coach about correcting your form. Hang cleans (especially high hangs above the kness) were tough at me at first because I didn't pull the same way from the hang as I did from the floor. Make sure you are "popin" the weight up with your hips and not swinging it up with your back.. it is not like a fast deadlift. Seeing a video would help figure out what the problem is.