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Anybody have any useful tips for learning to do a handstand? Thanx

Practice against a wall if you cannot do them. Start learning how to kick your legs up while placing your hands down on the floor. If you do them near a wall, you can gauge how much force you need to kick your legs up. Also, you can use the wall to rest your feet against while you practice holding yourself straight up in that position. There are some good articles on Coach Davies’ site about hand balancing. Check them out for more info. It should take long to learn how to do a handstand. Also, you can practice doing handstand pushups against the wall to help strengthen your shoulders and arms. I can easily perform a handstand, walking handstand and a press up off the floor into a handstand. I just started doing them many years ago for fun, and now, they are pretty easy to do.

Try this progression. Headstands, Handstands against walls, Handstands partner assisted. Doing handstands on parallel bars are a little bit easier because you can grip the surface you are blancing on, see if you can find a floor model. Best of Luck.

Check out Jeremy Nelms’ article at www.renegadetraining.com/ code_jeremy_nelms.html

Anyone who knows how to do a proper handstand, knows the secret, as anyone who can stand normaly does, but many forget as it gets automatic. The secret is a very delicate, small movment of the palms against the floor.
you should experience pushing with your fingertips hard against the floor when you fell you are falling back to your feet, and pushing with the base of the palms when you feel like you are falling to your back. The small changes that happen due to those movments are the secret to staying balanced on your hands, just like the small muscles of the foot, calves and tibialis do when you stand erect on your feet. Hope this helps, Ido,