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Handstands for Heavier Guys?

Hey, currently around 190lb, I can HSPU against that wall but that isn’t really a HSPU, does anyone have any tips for heavier guys on doing HSPU’s I also think I need to fix hamstring flexibility as I’m finding it hard to fully extend my legs during the setup, I’m also practicing with a partner.

I have the strength but just not the balance, all the videos I see are very generic slimmer guys who are into Calisthenic type training but I come from more of a Powerlifting background which there’s pros and cons coming from each discipline, thanks.

Prolly yoga style inversions would help

I have done HSPUs against walls. They are great but annoying to get into the position and can mark up indoor walls. I cannot do free standing HSPUs which would require an excellent gymnastic or yoga background as well as strength.

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Honestly dude it’s just going to take time. As a former gymnast it’s all about repetition and actual time spent in the handstand position to get all the little stabilisers used to working. Some slow eccentric lowers might help, as might working headstands and pressing up to handstands from there. But again, keep at it, be patient and you’ll get better

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Oh and learn how to roll out safely! :laughing:

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That would not be fun in the park at 5am :joy:

I’ll give that a try, thank you.

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More fun than face planting in a crowded gym…

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That is a good point haha, all gyms closed in the UK. :joy:


Here’s Bert Assirati holding a one arm handstand at 109kg. You’ll be fine at 190lbs.

Patrick Vellner and Mat Fraser, both Crossfit athletes, incidentally weigh 195lbs and they do a lot of HSPUs in competition for reps.

Don’t let your mind limit what you can do.


Yeah, I was a little taken aback at the idea of 190lbs as “a heavier guy”. When I hear that i think some big two hundred and fatty pound guy.


Oi - we have feelings dude!

And we tend to eat cake when ever they get hurt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jesus that is impressive

I did kind of think that when typing it but I am 5ft 8" so below average in height but heavier than average for my frame but not massive lol, I guess having shorter limbs may help.

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