Handstand Pushups

I was wondering if any of you have had success with handstand pushups. They are about the only thing that makes my shoulders pump up. Im up to doing 5 now and will soon increase the range of motion. Just wondering what yall thought.

Goldberg, I too, am in love with this movement. I started with just a 30 sec. hold 4 weeks ago and now I can do 6 reps. In the past 4 weeks my shoulders have new found strength, size, and durability. I was wondering how you plan on increasing the range of motion b/c I’m kind of stumped. Good luck.

Ryan, I like the hold idea … I’ll try that. The first time I attempted these (a few weeks ago) I almost killed my dog when I capsized.

Hey this may sound stupid but I am curious as to how one would correctly perform this movement (do you try to do a free handstand or would it be smarter to do a type of handstand that allows you to rest your feet on a wall?).??? peace

This is one of my favorite exercises and has done wonders for my triceps and shoulders. I can do over 25 off of the floor and currently use two chairs to increase the range of motion. I can do 8 full range reps off of two chairs. Doing singles is a great way to get proficient at HP. Try doing 5-10 singles daily with 30 second breaks and your numbers will be out of control in no time!

Let me start by saying that my military press has increased dramatically since I started doing handstand pushups.

My goal is to do them free handed but right now I have to do them with my feet on the wall. I can do about 8 on a good day.

I’m still doing them, but not on a regular basis. I’ve gotten up to 10 reps off the floor. I want to be like Mike and be able to do them off a chair! He’s the man! I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike!! I’ve also gotten very good at doing a gargoyle press (handstand off the floor without swinging or kicking up). And of course, I can walk around on my hands for short distances. It’s fun!

Thats just the kind of feedback i needed. thanks guys. I was planning on starting with reebok steps to increase the ROM. I started doing these because i recently tried out for cheerleading and i wanna have the strength to hold the girls up so i can get a better look at their poonany. haha.

Nate thanks for the feedback! I am sure that you will be doing HP off of chairs in no time. Goldberg, doing them off reebok steppers is a good idea! Good luck! And good luck on your hot date Nate!

Hey Mike, how’s the hybrid article coming? Work slowed down yet? Lata.

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