Handstand Pushups

I was curious if any of the T-men out there could do Handstand pushups? Either two or one handed, if so, what were somethings you did to build up to your ability? Did it help to increase any of your lifts?

I sometimes do them, although against a wall or doorframe. If you can’t do one, you’ll need overall shoulder strength which can be attained with standing or seated overhead pressing movements.

Once you can do one, or more than one, I would try the grease the groove method to increase your numbers.

RIT Jared


If you seek stability, you got to practice standing on your hands. When I was in my “hand walking phase” I started out doing head stands, then pushing up into hand stands and then trying to hold it for as long as possible, and repeat. Since I made a bet and had to win, I was practicing this all the time, and I actually got to the point where I was able to walk around a little bit (at least enough to win the bet). I would imagine that the same style of technique practice (greasing the groove) would work for handstand presses as well.

A while back, around olympics time, someone posted a program that he used for training male gymnasts. You might try searching the posts (I don’t recall it being an actual article) and see if that may help you. Good luck.

actually I found the post, this might help

i started handstands as a static exercise doing reps based on time 10x30 sec or 5x 1 min etc.

i also did wall walks: feet at the wall in pushup position and walk yourself up to a handstand.

when i first tried pushups from the handstand i could do just one. then i would do negatives until it got dangerous. most i’ve done is seven. its fun to do then on the pushup bars or between some chairs but have a spotter ! once i saw a guy at my gym do twelve in the middle of the floor and he wasn’t even winded. he also jumped into it landing in the pushup! crazy wrestlers man.

finally if you’re gonnna learn the handstand use the wall to start but get off the wall as soon as you can and learn the proper vertical technique. think gymnast. once you find it and the balance it provides the handstand takes almost no energy- well, a lot less than doing some twisted up version anyway.

Try doing a handstand against a wall, and holding it for a minute.

This will get you “used” to the work when you can do the push up.

Look how large our knees and legs are to support our weight, everyday.

Your elbows and arms will be SORE after doing this type of work.

I can do them on paralletes (full range of motion)

and have accomplished one with my right hand last summer.

LOTS of static holds and reps on lighter leverages.

Just gotta do it. OFTEN