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Handstand Pushups, how many can you do?


I got 8!

I may have been able to do another rep or 2, but I fell over. What's funny is that I'm droppiing back into ketosis. I was so dizzy after doing these, and lied on the floor for 2 minutes before I was able to get up!




And you wonder why you can't get laid.


I can do 10,000 inverted hand stand push ups!


I for one am impressed, Jeff. Keep up the good work.



Nice job on the handstand Push-ups! How much do you weigh?


why on earth have you got a hat on?


you should put a pillow under you for safety. i used to do them long time ago
when i was studying kempo in charlotte
NC, forgot how many i did.



not to be a dick but don't you weigh like a buck thirty?


Somewheere around 145.


No one else even tried?!?


I haven't tried and don't plan on doing so but now I have a question for you Jeff, How long can you stand under the sun? Mix in some sun.


That's just something I see them do in prison movies...never something I wanted to do myself.


I tried before, but only managed a decent partial before shaking too much. So for a while, I did several super elevated push ups (placed about four feet from the floor, feels like a bodyweight incline press).

I want to work on those "funky" bodyweight exercises, but decided to take the easy way out (drop body fat) before attempting them again. Once I hit 200 lbs, it's back to good times :slightly_smiling:


I just got 10.




I did 5 - weight 235..

In faith,


I got 2-1/2. the last one about killed me. I weigh 207 so I don't feel too bad.


Got 13....weigh 210 5'10"


I tried em. It's not too bad hands on the floor, but what about putting your hands on blocks for increased ROM?