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Handstand Pushup Pictures

The following links go to pictures of me doing handstand pushups off of two chairs:


And this is a link of me doing a kettlebell one arm press:


Mike, you’re the man! Look at you go! Hey, you may want to go back and flip your pictures. They are all sideways! BTW, how is your training coming along? Still doing the Combat Conditioning along with heavy weight, low rep weight training? Fill us in!

Nate! Thanks man and I will fix those pictures. My training is going real well and what I have been doing is CC with resistance devices such as PowerPushup 2 and portable power jumper combined with Pavel Tsatsouline’s kettlebell training. I canceled my member ship at the local gym due to my hectic work schedule(Company I worked for just merged with another!). Thus, the only weight training I get is from Kettlebell training. I purcahsed a kettlebell handle from Piedmont design and you can load about 10 10lb plates on the device. The kettlebell has a much different feel from standard dumbells and the cleans and snatches give me awesome pumps. I will write an article on how I have combined the two after I get a little bit more well versed in kettlebell training and have some results to report(This is my second week with KB training)

Damn impressive bro. I noticed you’re using a doorway for balance. Ever done it without? Not that I can even approach that (I’ve had some balance problems due to some long-ago inner ear infections), just curious. BTW, hope there’s no ill will over that MLM thread.

Brider, thanks man and of course there is no ill feelings over the MLM experience. You were right in that I am biased over a negative experience. Anyway, I have not tried it without using a doorway or wall for balance. One thing that I have started doing on HP off the floor is kick into a handstand and have someone hold my feet. Once I get really good at that, I will have someone hold one leg and the go without.

Has anyone else tried using Kettlbells?

Cool. I do them on cinderblocks so I press from a headstand. I want to be able to press from a stall during bridging gymnastics.

How did you find the CC book? Is it worth a buy. I’m really into neck training.

Nah Mike, you’re our T-guinee pig in the kettlebell dept. Where can we get 'em, how much, and what is the total list of stuff we can do with 'em? I’m thinking a sick version of db flyes…

"MB Eric: Chasing away the bench-press blues since 1588."


Monkeyboy Eric, I am glad that you are interested as KB will be the topic of my next article for T-mag.

Cacp, The CC book is definitely worth getting! Go to www.mattfurey.com to get it. Also check out my article in the past issues of t-mag intitled "Combat Conditioning’ for more info.


Any other objects that you can do HP with?

I tried handstand pushups with a 30-lb weight belt the other day and it kicked ass! Made the exercise much harder. I can do about 10 handstand pushups with bodweight and only managed about 5 with the belt. Mike, where did you get your kettlebell from?

Where Mike got the kettleball handles from: the fractionalplates site.

Just to give yall an update on my handstand pushups, i did 6 the other day on two reebok steps. then yesterday at stunting practice i did a hand stand by myself and my toss cupis and libs are feeling very solid. Im getting better at fighting my stunts when i dont hit them perfectly. I just started doing back hand springs and im sure the only reason i havent been landing on my face is because of the HSPU’s.

Great job Goldberg, Keep up the good work! Rob you can do HP off of stools, blocks and even identical books. Pedro, sounds cool, I will have to try adding weight to my HP