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Handstand Push-Up Strength

This might have already occurred to you guys but I figured I might as well share what I discovered today. I was walking past a yoga studio and I saw a bunch of people doing something against a wall that looked like handstands except they were bent at the hips with their legs perpendicular to the wall and their feet flat against the wall for extra support.

I’ve been trying to do handstand pushups for weeks but I always psych myself out and think I’m gonna drop myself on my head. So I went home and tried what the yoga people were doing. With the extra support from the wall I was able to do an easier version of the handstand without any fear of head-dropping. After getting used to that, full-out handstand pushups aren’t very scary anymore. I dunno, maybe this is useful to someone. Tell me if I’m just stating the obvious. Peace.


A 70-year-old gymnast taught me how to properly train for handstand pushups. He started training at age 55.

First is to get completely comfortable in the handstand position. To hold a handstand for 3-5 minutes should be good enough.

Then you place a double-shoulder-width long 2x4 on the floor in front of you. Do a handstand with your hands right in front of the board and “walk” up and down the board with your hands.

When you get stronger (he didn’t specify how many reps, etc) you screw two boards together and do “stairs” with your hands on two boards, then three, then four, then… until you’re strong enough to do handstand pushups.

Although that beastskills website looks kick ass.