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Hands Ripping From Deadlifts


Hello everyone. I have been trying to build calluses on my hands but, they get ripped off every week from Deadlifting. Is there anyway I can get them to stop ripping off when I lift its not painful or anything just seem that after a set or two of heavy Deads I cant hold the bar a hard as the earlier sets because well I have nothing to hold on with.


Use straps when you deadlift for reps. Some folks on here will say you are being a pussy, but your hands will thank you. Don't use the straps on 1 or 2 rep sets. If you are gonna use straps make sure and work your grip.


Are you using chalk?

You also do some basic stuff for hand health- moisturizer, pumice stone, etc.


You actually don't want callouses, and if you have ever had a callous tear (not just the top layer, but I'm talking a bleeding open wound) you know they are the enemy. You want your skin to be supple, and not hard and rigid.

I would suggest moisturizing right out of the shower for the best results.

I see this kind of stuff all the time in strongman. This is what happens when you have callouses and don't take care of them.


Oh I thought that having calluses was a good thing... well I will start moisturizing my hands more often.

usmccds423- Yeah but thats the thing I was only doing sets of 3 and they were ripping right off.


Oh I thought that having calluses was a good thing... well I will start moisturizing my hands more often.

usmccds423- Yeah but thats the thing I was only doing sets of 3 and they were ripping right off.


I started gripping more with my fingers than my palms. Like if I made a fist I would be punching down through the floor rather than knuckle punching if that makes sense. I had some terrible ripping when I was learning the lift. Now I have some slight callouses but nor more ripping.

I guess you would say that I wrap the bar with my fingers.


If you start getting built up, thick callouses, file them down with a pumice stone. They're less likely to tear.

I've shredded a couple off on the past year and it hurts like a bitch.


You want the thick, tough skin, but you dont want your callouses to be built up over the regular skin. Once they build up, their is a potential to rip.

I tried using a pumice stone for a while and that definitely helps. What I have found to have the most success with is shaving them down with a razor blade. I just use a box cutter to cut off the layer that is built up and I haven't had a problem since.


Haven't tried the razor approach, but I use a sorta similar method of cutting them off with toenail clippers after I get outta the shower.

Removes the top hard layers of skin to get down to the flexible stuff below which can once again wrap around the bar effectively. Haven't ripped anymore huge holes in my hand since doing that.


I had some pretty thick callouses and i when pulling for a max it ripped straight to the muscle man it was painful and took forever to heal. The best thing is baby oil your hands every day and file them once they start building up. This is what has helped me.




I've tried both a safety razor and pumice stone, but what works best for me is 220 grit sandpaper


i just moisturize after a shower. or pumice stone.....




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It's best to stop them from even forming. That means learning to grip the bar so that it doesn't roll or slide in your hand when you pick it up. Like other people here have said, wrap your fingers around the bar first because on a heavy dead, the bar is going to slide into the fingers and if you have your palm wraped around it, the knurling will bite in and pull which causes calouses to form.

Every once and a while, I will get a calous to form and I will shave it with a safety rasor in the shower. Works like a charm.


Sandpaper (coarse) for me too, I like to either roll it up or wrap it round a 1 inch dowell or simmilar.


These suggestions given above will help to a point. But if your grip is weak relative to what you can haul up off the floor, your smooth, pumiced hands will still rip. A weak grip allows a bar to slide down in your hand. As is slides down, the the tissue gives out. I have a dead finger on one hand (tendons don't connnect). My grip is for shit on that hand. Gusss what- that hand rips all the time.


Ok thanks I will I used a safety razor and removed the build up and I have been using some hand lotion so I will try this and see if it helps.