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Hands Go Numb/Tingle During 20 Rep Squats


Ive been doing 20 rep squats for a few weeks now. The last couple of workouts my hands and arms start to get tingly and numb about rep 15+. I dont know if its from breathing heavy, or if its from how my arms are positioned or what. Any ideas? or not a big deal maybe?

Stats: been working up from 185, most recent set was 205. I add 5 every time I go. Weight is starting to feel pretty heavy.


Noone can help until you post a video, or actually say how your arms are positioned on the bar


The bar might be pinching a nerve in your neck, which could cause the numbness/tingling..


Can't say for sure, but I sometimes get numb due to shoulder inflexibility.

A wider grip or higher bar placement may help. As may stretching your shoulders.




This is common during my high rep. squat work. It goes away shortly after I complete the set.



The true 20-rep squat program is going to fuck your body over in several ways. Hella challenging but damn well worth it.


I get this alot, I think it's because of the reduced blood flow to your hands due to them being held up for quite a long time during the set.


x2 and a lot of blood is being shunted to the working muscles.


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