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Hands Down Best Supps?

What does everyone here like, and what has worked for them, Biotest or not…
List General supps (FO, multi-v, whatever)


What have people used for pre-workout? I’m in college and sometimes am so mentally drained I need a pick-me-up before I lift to be productive. BCAAs and whey don’t do it for me like others.

Mine: General
Fish oil
seems to help me feel less like shit during long days/all nighters/etc

I hate to admit it but I like this one. I’ve had it for a long time now in my closet but started popping them during late nights and before exams when I’m tired, the mix of stimulants makes me feel better than just coffee. Only issue is it dries me out like crazy, of course.

Pre-WO (and peri)
Caffeine, nuf said (only once or twice/week usually)

I never got enough carbs around the workout and this has gone great with my bulk so far.

what does everyone else like?

Most of the supps I take are health related (vitamin D, fish oil, zinc, b vits, curcumin). I like the pick me up that caffeine gives me pre workout, but I’m trying to lay off for awhile. Creatine, BCAAs/leucine peri workout. That’s pretty much it.

Animal pump: insane vascularity + insane pump + super concentrated even a bit of agressiveness 0_0