Hands Cramping While Training

Whats up Nation… I’m new to the site… had been working out for a couple of years now… about a year ago my wife and I had our first child… yeah its a boy :slight_smile: ended up using that as an excuse, including the sleepless nights, to skip the gym. I gained about 30lbs. of fluff since and realized that I don’t really want him to look up to someone else and say “I wanna look big like him!” Maybe I’m selfish, but I would like for “him” to be me.

So I got back in the gym about a month ago (company gym, no barbells just dumbbells and 1 nautilus circut station). My problem is that when I go to lift for Back excercises or anything that requires real pulling my hands cramp up. I get a set of cable rows, for example, and my hands cramp for about a minute or so.

Has anyone ever felt something similar, or are there any recommendations on what the hell to do. I stretch my fingers but that only helps so much. Any suggestions?

Congrats for your son… I hope you’ll show him the path of the iron in time.

I used to have that cramp problem, and it still happens sometimes… Thumb-less grip helped on many exercices, it should be easy to accomplish on many back exercices. Can’t do much for the pressing exercices, especially on heavy db press… hope that helps.

Dunno what’s causing the cramping. Never heard of it, but then again I’m only 26. Might wanna try soaking your hands in ice water after you lift. Might help.

PS DO NOT go thumbless on bench press. You’ll only wind up with a bar on your windpipe.

Also maybe try using straps(but then again it doesnt sound like grip is an issue). Just tossing some ideas out.

[quote]tw0scoops2 wrote:

PS DO NOT go thumbless on bench press. You’ll only wind up with a bar on your windpipe.


I use suicide grip on 90% of barbell movements, including bench press… yet I never dropped it on my “windpipe”… It helped alot actually, removed alot of pressure off the hand.

Thanks guys… I never had this happen to me either being that I’m also 26. I have never used straps either and a part of me thinks that it might have contrbuted to my problem… but I wanted a grip like a vise and I thought it was what you were supposed to do… I will try thubless thoug next time, thanks Dream.